Give Me Rebound

July 7, 2011 § 9 Comments

One of my friends, Mary, her husband left her and she found herself with someone else three months later.  Three years later, they are still together.

It is remarkable how many people have told me over the past two or three years: “You are not ready.  You need to be happy in yourself before you can get into a relationship with a new person.”

Bugger that.

They bang on about the rebound.  Well, give me bloody rebound.  At this point I am not fussy.


§ 9 Responses to Give Me Rebound

  • Monty Brench says:

    Go for it gal!

  • Dr Philip says:

    What is lower than plankton? Amoeba? Plasmodium? Well, that’s me. One way to meet men would be you local running club. Try it. Meanwhile if you want someone to go to the cinema with once every three weeks, just get in touch………………

  • humphreythehamster says:

    Worked for me and DH, we’re still together and blissful 4+ years later 🙂

  • Tasha says:

    ahh you have really started something Plankton! What interests me is the number of men who have responded, seems the grass may not be as verdant on the other side perhaps

    I agree, would be so nice to have a companion to go to dinner and the cinema with or drinks,

    The rebound has a lot to offer!!

  • I agree with Tasha, the rebound has a lot to offer!

  • Hi, the real problem is most people over 40 get really set in their ways, I have tried matching my single male friends with single female friends and no one has a free night because they might miss Eastenders, or the pub quiz, or the darts etc. Have a stab at internet dating (not a literal stab) it is quite entertaining! But at least you get out and talk to people- good luck!

  • Sarah says:

    You have to accept the rebound for what it is – relationships usually don’t last, but that’s no reason not to do do it. It’s like running in an engine, oiling the wheels (as it were) for the more suitable future partner.

  • Laurens says:

    Just read your article in the Irish Independent. As a mainland expat living in Ireland for just over 3 years I can tell you this.

    The reason there’s no normal available men out there is because there’s simply no people on this remoted island far away from everything.

    If you have no kids still living at home take the plunge. Find a job in Munich, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris or wherever. There’s 350 years of history, culture, wealth.
    These countries are mature. There’s 80 milion people in Germany, 60 milion in France. It’s alive, constantly moving, always something to do.
    You will be an exotic fish. So much more to share when you come from a different place.

    The sad reality for Irish 40+ women is that the flower power did not make it over the Irish sea. The knowledge of the 60s and 70s, the sexual liberation of women changed the rest of the Western world for good though.

    So it doens’t matter where you go. Scandinavia, central or around the mediterranean. Women here are all able to enjoy their sex lives, with men of all ages knowing their anatomy and focusing on an emancipated balance between them, besides the frequent clitoral, multiple vaginal orgasms at least once a week.

    That’s mainland western Europe. You’ll find a great man within 3 months and you’ll have to change your blog name to: L’expat in love !

  • kidrock says:

    If you’re still relatively good looking, then why not try the cougar thing?

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