Women Form Queues for Wankers

July 10, 2011 § 12 Comments

I need to talk about the lack of men.

I need to talk about the injustice of any of the available men that do exist, even the crap ones, always having an infinite choice of women.

Not so long ago in a magazine, there was an article by a man around forty I think, whose wife had died.  There was a double-page photograph of him in the foreground and behind him a veritable queue of attractive women lining up for his delectation.  There was an expression on his face so smug that it was as if he were Lord Bloody Muck himself.

I bloody nearly threw up into my museli.  He did not look physically even remotely attractive.  From the words he wrote – which, to sum up, went along the lines that now he was a young widower, there were women everywhere throwing themselves at him and he was in clover – nor was he a very attractive character either.  And yet, hey, he had so much choice, he was like a spoilt toddler in a sweetshop.  Oh, lucky, lucky fellow.  Oh happy, happy man.


§ 12 Responses to Women Form Queues for Wankers

  • AnonW says:

    As a widow, I find I have a good choice of ladies, but they’re usually long-term attached or semi-detached friends, who knew my late wife as well. So your statement that even crap ones have an infinite choice of women, doesn’t apply in my case.

    But then I might be a crap man, but if I am that crap how did my late wife stick with me for forty years? It couldn’t have been for the money all the time, as sometimes I was the major earner and sometimes she was. It wasn’t even for the kids as they all left home over twenty years ago.

    She always said she married me because she knew life wouldn’t be boring. I can’t judge and she’s not here to tell me, if I fulfilled her dreams.

    But hey! There are a few men out there, who aren’t wankers and I suspect there are a few women out there with only disposable baggage. but just like suitable men, those women seem difficult to find.

    • plumgrape says:

      I think disposing with “baggage” is a problem. This is very much a key to a new and happy relationship. How many older women are “brainwashed”? Preconceived ideas and notions need not apply. I think a new relationship should be entered into with an entirely new fresh approach and dare I say it with naivete and innocence as well or a willingness to be open minded. These are the qualities observed and found sadly lacking in our more mature society, identified and so stated by the one marvellous Patti Smith featured in the May 2011 Time Magazine article: “100 most influential people”.

  • Buster says:

    I have a lot of sympathy for people of both sexes, but it’s mixed with a little contempt for our stupidity. We’re our worst enemies but it’s easy to just vent our anger at the oposite sex. A cold hard look at human phsychology is in order to understand the root of our problem & the dilemma…
    You’ve probably heard of the fact that men are attracted to women who have a specific hip to waist ratio, as that is an indicator of fertility programmed into them. Other indicators such as youthfulness etc are also relevant to who men are most attracted to. Obviously things are more complex than this but these are very powerful forces in the mating game.
    Now, the reason that women are attracted to wankers rather than who they perceive as loosers is equally down to programming. Women are programmed to be attracted to men of a higher social status than themselves. Confidence & financial position are certainly important but it is more so when the man appears to be the leader of the pack.
    Pay close attention to the characters used in most romantic films. The man is usually portrayed as having a higher status than the woman in question, either financially or in his confident persona. He will be portrayed as a leader amongst his peers, confident & funny.
    It is said that women can smell lack of confidence in a man from a mile away, and this is a major part of the complex calculation going on in a woman’s mind when assessing a potential mate.
    The house, or nest, that a man owns is probably the most crucial factor in this calculation. A large expensive house instantly raises a man’s percieved status among fellow humans, and has been found to increase his appeal to women dramatically.
    In our developed societies we invariably have a system of wealth transfer through which the natural order is rearranged and the result is that the selection of a mate is made more difficult, even unworkable in many cases. Millions of people are in effect doomed to singledom; millions of women through not being attracted to low status ‘loosers’, and millions of men through being unsuccessful and not feeling that they have enough to offer as a prospective mate.
    This situation has led to a vastly different social structure in developed countries and many deep rooted & complex phsychological problems affecting many.
    Few people realise that this social structure was purposely engineered over decades by groups who’s aim is to weaken society in favour of big business & big governement, but that’s another story.

  • leftatforty says:

    I remember that article… but then again women are suckers for a man with baggage.

  • disaffected second youth says:


    There’s a chap near me who drives around in a Porsche 911, with the registration number ‘FIT DR’. Is he?! Errrrrrrr ….

    On dating sites, portly, bald, chronically-attired gentlemen refer to themselves as ‘sexy’ and ‘handsome’ (a quality I thought was reserved for the eye of the beholder) in their headlines and profiles..

    Quiet assured self-confidence is a really attractive quality in anyone, but misplaced arrogance, of which there seems a lot unfortunately, is a major turn off, and also wants to make me heave into my cereal when reading my emails in the morning…

  • Fitzroyalty says:

    I’ve read all your posts and respect what you have to say, but I also think you are unfairly negative about men. All men are not the same.

    Leaving aside many of the complexities of contemporary heterosexual relationships, I think you are wrong about the age double standard. From my experience, women perpetuate the older man – younger woman partnership as much as men do.

    Browsing online dating profiles on sites like okcupid (which I recommend to you), most women do not appear to be looking for or want attention from younger men. In their profiles they list their age preferences for their own age – older. Rarely do they seem accept or initiate contact with men younger than themselves.

    I’m a 39 year old tertiary educated, professionally employed and financially independent man. I prefer relationships with similarly educated and cultured partners, and I often feel women older than me are socially the best match.

    But I find it very difficult to meet them, either in the real world or online. So many women are neurotically insecure and self-doubting and simply can’t or won’t believe that a younger man is genuinely interested in them.

    In my early to mid 30s I had a couple of relationships with women in their mid 40s. More recently I have had relationships with women very close to my own age simply because they appear to like themselves and want to communicate and flirt to establish a new partnership, whereas women in their mid – late 40s dismiss me.

    It’s frustrating and insulting therefore to be told that this is my fault. I think many women simply don’t give men a chance before rushing to stereotype them.

    As for your comments about looks and beauty, I think it is also the case that the standards women judge themselves by are very different to the ways men view women. I don’t want a horrid skinny tattood and pierced 25 year old partner. I’d much prefer a 45 year old curvy elegant woman with knowledge, experience and self-confidence.

  • mindbodybeautyhealth says:

    I remember that article in the Guardian. It made me fume – arrogant, smug, idiot.

    • plumgrape says:

      Crumbs, you can’t win!
      Are these not statistical studies? What percentage of people interviewed for a questionnaire do you think lie?
      If you cannot rely on statistical results, where questions have been carefully formed and unbiased. What can you rely on? Makey-feeley maybe-wontey, mindbodybeautyhealth? I saw today the suggestion that Beauty is a curse! What would you say to that? Arrogant, smug, idiot? Your dialog on this blog invited with Plankton’s permission.

  • Minnie says:

    Ha! This merely demonstrates your capacity for of fine-tuned discrimination. Give yourself a pat on the back – and be thankful, as it means you’re unlikely to be drawn to such odiously self-satisfied types thereby saving yourself much misery.

    As you’re clearly highly intelligent + capable of expressing yourself with such amusingly mordant accuracy, your target audience of suitable males will necessarily be small. So revel in your individuality, toss your curls at the world and say ‘Pah!’ (it is impossible to perform this sequence without laughing, which always helps IME).

    Sooner or later, Mr Right-Enough will roll up – if he has any sense, that is (and, if not? Why would you want such a one?!). Remember that luck always plays a part in these matters, and very few people get what they deserve.

    In the meantime, bon courage!

  • VOnnie says:

    love it ! so true!.

  • angel2166 says:

    And on the flip side, men seem to fall all over themselves for the bitchy princesses of the world….or the beer swilling, brainless bimbos…No, I’d rather be me and be single!

  • hammerjoe says:

    If they are queueing for wankers, I am available for a modest fee.

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