Philip’s Mum

July 16, 2011 § 9 Comments

My friend Philip’s dad left Philip’s mum for another woman twenty or thirty years ago.

She has not only never married again, she has never had another man since.

She is abjectly miserable; just wading through life, fully alone, impatient for oblivion.

God forbid, I do not want to be like Philip’s mum.

It’s funny how many people tell me about women they know – often their mums – who never found anyone else once their husbands left them for another woman.  (Just as never in the history of the world has a man left his wife for an older woman, nor in the history of the world has a man – however much he pleads innocence and, boy, do these men have a gift for denial – left his wife to be alone.  Fact: men only leave their marriages if a younger woman has already started cunting her way into his life.  And no one try to tell me otherwise.)

My friends invariably tell me that these left-women at best might have scored one desultory date or another in twenty years, but have never managed to pull off a relationship with another man.

I don’t know why people tell me these stories.  I hope the implication is that I am, of course, not going to be like their mum, but I am not so sure.

On rainy days like today, house empty, and not going anywhere, it just feels like more evidence stacking up against my chances of meeting anyone, let alone Mr Right; feels like more grist to my lack-of-hope mill.


§ 9 Responses to Philip’s Mum

  • Emac0 says:

    So, are you saying we should be looking for slightly older married men to lure from their wives? Sounds like that is the only option. And when you look at it like that – well, if not you , it will be some other sad and lonely woman. A word of warning – the sort of man who is lurable isn’t going to be the sort of man you want, and the sort of man who isn’t, might just, for example, string you along for three years before deciding it’s his “moral obligation” to stay with his wife.

  • asjbendall. says:

    Take full advantage of your private time, dive into your garden ,pick a bunch of flowers and foliage put in some water,with luck you will have a Rose as well. Run that bath loads of steam, flowers in room place individual rose petals in the water, GET IN and enjoy! Remember so many people say, IF ONLY or I WISH. In your relaxation, you can enjoy like I enjoy your Plankton. Next week viewing livestock at the Royal Welsh Show and beautiful countryside if you get another wet day, just call out loud the sounds of animals, BAA, BUZZ, MOO etc as you wander around. Also obtain a sloppy Joe set of clothes to relax and enjoy your free time Knicks, T Shirt, Loud Socks and Mode Leggings be individual and a bright candle!

  • AnonW says:

    You say that no man has ever left his wife for an older woman. Two friends of mine split, when he left her for a much older woman. What made her feel really bad, was that the new woman was no beauty and somewhat obese.

    Your last sentence could have been written by me, except that in my case, it’s meeting Ms Right.

    I’ll be going up to Waitrose tomorrow, as there is a recipe I must try out, as it’s simple and gluten-free. I’ve probably got a few friends coming round, but any other lonely people will be appreciated.

  • evalouise says:

    You are really determined to place your future in the hope that one day a ‘man’ will come and sort out all your emotions for you. Yes, men do
    leave their wives for older women, and open up the door and get out.
    There’s a lot you can be doing and joining instead of sitting their enjoying the ‘poor me’s’ Oh I haven’t got a man, Oh it’s so sad, what sort of world do you live in where everyone is judged and one judges themselves by the criteria of having a partner.

  • john says:

    It’s fine to have freedom and the time to do what you want, but I would trade it all for a cuddle from someone who loves me. You can kid yourself you like your own company…but you ARE kidding yourself.

    • sevda says:

      I did the living with someone for 3 years and can honestly say I like my own company. Owning the remote is a bonus too.

  • Anne says:

    What about Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles? He left beautiful, leggy, younger Diana for her.

  • Mack says:

    If your golden formula is that men normally leave their wives for a younger woman then really all you need to do is look for a married man who is around 5-10 years older than yourself and then try and become the ‘other woman’.

    SInce your efforts up to now haven’t yielded any tangible results (according to you), surely this is worth a shot?

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