What’s Not To Like?

August 2, 2011 § 25 Comments

I read a book review this weekend by a male reviewer.  It was recommending a book about a man who has three women on the go at once.  He wrote, “What’s not to like?”

Where to begin?


§ 25 Responses to What’s Not To Like?

  • John says:

    Is that so unusual?

  • Lydia says:

    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  • DAN says:


  • Sarah says:

    More fool the 3 women.

    • plumgrape says:

      Sarah, please think about the quality of the relationship. What can you afford? Consider Muslim marriage laws. Are we going to change anything? Do you know the painting “The White Slave”? It is a rather marvelous image. No fool, no women.

      • Sarah says:

        plumgrape, what are you on about? Three women on the go means three girlfriends, not three live-in ‘wives’.

        Personally I wouldn’t be one of three in either situation. I’d be making a dash for the hills at the mere whiff of a mention of it.

        And what’s white slavery got to do with anything?

  • In some parts of the world, specifically, North Africa as well as a handful of countries in the Middle East, this is not uncommon at all- This has been an integral part of their culture for many centuries, and polygamy continues to be viewed as very acceptable as well as normal into the 21st century.

    This was also once common practice in certain communities in South Africa, though polygamy is far less commonly practiced there than it once was.

    Here in my home country, the practice of polygamy has been officially outlawed for many decades now, though it is still practiced in the state of Utah- We’ve even got at television show entitled “Sister Wives”

    Some historians suggest that centuries ago, when these customs began to be practiced, medical technology was primative compared to the present day, and polygamy was perhaps viewed as necessary for the continued survival of families…

    I would like to point out here that I’m not saying that I actually personally think that this is a good thing, nor am I attempting to say that I personally think that this is a bad thing, only that you have to remember to look at it from their cultural perspectives…

    Then again, Ms. Plankton, I have no idea what book reviewer you read, nor what book it was that he was attempting to review…

  • Bambi says:

    Presume it was “The Strip” by JJ Salem…. Yawn. And that was just after reading a review. The book sounds like complete thrash and unworthy of attention or comment…

    As for the principle…. three women to one man…. Having unwittingly been party to a two-women-to-one-man situation, I can vouch that it doesn’t work. Trust me.

    • asjbendall. says:

      Just had a remarkable evening, one match, a pile of dry grass in the paddock, all hell let loose, everything now burnt black my clothes fit only for the bin, the wind turned! Get home read your comment, thats my girl! Then all I can do is have a Kronenberg, a shower and gently enjoy the moment with , some one at least who is on my wavelenght in my mind!!!! Thank goodness for Bambi, whereever and whoever you are, just wait till my neighbours see the blackened land, one hell of a close shave!!

      • Bambi says:

        Maybe, asj. But you are putting me off getting hens – because yours never seem to lay…..! And I had been thinking of getting some…. now not so sure….

  • Charles, the late Diana, Camilla….

    I mean, it does happen…

    • Miss J says:

      It’s tempting you isn’t it, that “Post reply” button. But before you press it, ask yourself this: “Am I talking out of my arse?”

      I’m sure you consider the Charles/Diana/Camilla affair a fine example of a true fairytale ending. What utter bollocks Scott! Let’s see if you feel the same after you’ve discovered the one person you thought you could trust and rely on is revealed to be a complete and utter cheating wanker…

  • toyman says:

    Two is company, three is tiring……………

    Most women if they are honest will tell you they find other women attractive…………

    I have had a girlfriend for my girlfriend; but I like one at a time myself, well until they go off with someone else that is……………

    • Susan says:

      Toyman, you are tragic I’m afraid – but adventurous that’s for sure. have you tried Sildenafil 50mg or more and then the 3 won’t be so tiring – just ask Hef.

  • Susan says:

    There should be more fiction for male readers I think. Might get more men into reading for pleasure 😉

  • minky says:

    who’s more switched on ,Hef or the girls that hang of his arm ?.

  • Mack says:

    I’ve been in this kind of situation before and despite it being quite tiring (both physically & mentally), it is worth it. There is no doubt that the wheels will fall off the arrangement somewhere down the line, so its just a case of enjoying it whilst you can.

  • Lydia says:

    Plenty of people of both sexes can and do have several lovers at once ,. In fact in parts of China due to abortion of girls there is even a growth in polyandry (one woman, several men). If you’re an attractive 40- something woman you can have a different and perfectly suitable man every night if you can be bothered and it’s not different for men.

    40 something women who can’t find the exact man they need certainly have the option of having Mr Friday for good sex and Mr Wednesday for the intellectual dinner conversation and Mr Saturday who is their attractive walker with the right accent.

    However like most of these matters you need to choose what suits you best and most of us of either gender probably prefer to hope (as many people achieve) to have one for all purposes.

    • Mack says:

      A woman lacks the capacity to juggle multiple partners concurrently. Since her decision making process is governed by her emotions, Therein lies her downfall.

  • DAN says:


  • plumgrape says:

    In days of old, when hosts of Crusaders for example traversed the modern day Lebanon en route to the Holy land they might have found themselves set upon by Muslim Marauders. The knights all killed meant the captive white European women folk would find themselves taken back to Khorasan in modern day Iran for the harems belonging to the Emirs. These women were called “white slaves”. Not all were ultimately unhappy enjoying their benefactors comfort, favor, privilege and family. Few would have made a dash for the hills, Sarah. Freedom was far away and too difficult to sustain.
    Personally I think the idea of having just one loving slave could be enough. I doubt I would need three! It would be difficult to keep three happy and all uncomplaining. Just one is difficult to keep from nagging and happy.
    I think the problem comes when just ONE woman does not suffice, because she may be insufficiently attractive, interesting, co-operative or enthralling or perhaps more poignantly does not “submit” as “the Bible” describes. Then she may be deluded, helpless, hopeless, nagging or poor. She may want to make your life miserable. Then surely a live-in wife or a girlfriend or two or both could satisfy altogether as a three some and Plankton’s book would be a sure-fire success?
    What do you think, Sarah? Would someone who loves you, have to object to your seeing, being with and talking to other men even at our advanced age for you to know that you are loved? And please pray tell, how should such a man show you that loves you? Should he say something to allow you to show munificence? Isn’t this just going to be hollow?

    • Sarah Hague says:

      plumgrape, if you’re not with the right person, get a divorce and move on. Personally I would never dream of inflicting (or accepting) a third person in a relationship, but maybe it works for some.

      My dearly beloved knows exactly how to let me know I’m loved, and me him, and that’s our affair.

  • plumgrape says:

    The Plankton problem is not being with the correct person it’s finding the correct person, if this person exists? Do you not think you can love more than one person? I certainly love both my mother and my sister! I wonder, unless your beloved is fictitious, if he “knows”, why you are on this site? Pray tell or is this a secret or are you nosy? Please tell me about yourself Sarah? Who are you?

  • Sarah Hague says:

    Click on my name to read my blog. I’m there in glorious technicolor, all real.

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