Plankton Holiday ll

August 15, 2011 § 12 Comments

The holiday ends on Friday when it will be the long drive home.

Strange times.  Erratic clouds.  Lovely holiday with the family.  Very low-key.  Chilling out; a bit of beach life, seeing a few friends.  The odd lie-in.  Bitten to fuck by – what? – mosquitos?  Red bites all over my body after an al fresco supper.  Could be San Blas in Mexico for all the unsightly whelks and torturous itching the little sods have bestowed upon me (opaque tights on stand-by for when – if? – I ever get to meet Long Shot), not coastal England.  Surely Costcutters and Mr Whippys with cosmopolitan mosquitos don’t go? 

Time out of time really, and in some ways just waiting to get back to real life and the revival of work, school, communication (meetings even, hey ho?!) with one “twinkle” or another with any luck.  Time out on the beach equals time out for reflection, but I have to say I am excited by the thought of getting back to routine, normal life, home, and an autumn vaguely simmering – if not exactly fizzing – with possibility.

Here on holiday in August my Blackberry is pretty dormant; few emails or calls disturb it; a kind of relief but I am realising in their absence that with them comes a kind of excitement.  I mean, even if they only turn out to be a sales-pitch email from Amazon or the White Company, at least when the Blackberry shudders I have a moment or two of thinking, oh, this probably won’t be the Smidgen (or Somesuch), but it COULD be (for very occasionally it has been and so could be again).  When the Blackberry is as comatose as it now is, there are no little lifts from the outside or few even from my imaginative world.  The little lifts at the moment are coming from elsewhere and in fact are more substantial than little: sandy ice-creams with my children; a game of Boggle with them; even the perennial nit-combing; one child’s hilarious mimickry; their youthful dramas and laughter. 

Then at night, in bed with Long Shot (don’t let’s get too excited here – I refer to the book by the man rather than the man himself, alas) little lifts materialise despite the odds. (I have decided the man himself, who is roughly my age, even if not after a 25 year old, will not be considering anything older than late 30s, oldest, surely?)  These little lifts are pleasing in their own modest way, same way as thinking up ways to make my children happy, or a flattering comment from one of you readers, or seeing something on the News that is positive for once.

 When I get home and September beckons, systems will crank into life again.  As I say – work, school; and, of course, Blackberry, with all the frisson, of whatever sort, its shudders invariably bring.


§ 12 Responses to Plankton Holiday ll

  • Lydia says:

    This is where you are going wrong. I have called ne men from holiday. Don’t let a day go by without having fun with your internet dating possibilities even on holiday. You let it rest whilst you were away and also you’ve only got one possibility on the go. You need a lot more if you’re to find the right man.

  • toyman says:

    RE: Lydia

    The Plankton went wrong when she insulted Blonds!

    Women are like Honey…………..

    Honey never has to call Bee’s………………

    Power of a t t r a c t i o n !

    • I see your point, but weird analogy- Sweet as it tastes, honey is actually 100% pure bee puke- This blog was not really meant for biologists or for people who take these sorts of analogies too literally- Some species of whales eat plankton, and whales are NOT bottom feeders…

  • EmGee says:

    Ha Ha! I have the same reaction when my phone rings (which thankfully is infrequent in any case); ooooh! what if it’s //him?!?!!?//.

    However, I am not so certain that most men want a woman under thirty, beyond getting an eye full. The type of man that does, and the young vixens they go for are both high maintenance, both emotional and materially, and should be avoided anyway.

  • toyman says:


    I stand corrected………….

  • Lydia says:

    Yes, I’ve never had a man finding it a problem with my being in my late 40s and I’m the one rejecting the much younger men (because they are less likely to settle down with someone older with chdlren even if they say otherwise. I might change my mind in my 50s. I suppose no man after much younger women would contact me anyway so I don’t know how many are p ut off by someone in her 40s but most want someone they find attractive, who is reasonably sexy but also has things in common with them,.

    Large numbers who are fathers actively want a woman who has had children because that gives them more in common.

  • toyman says:

    Lydia dear………..

    Is this your soft side?

    Every woman in this Blog seems to know what men want………..


    Why not ask some of the men, who also post comments in this Blog.

    I have five Kids Lydia, I am 49 my eldest son is 28 and my last child is 21…..

    I do not want a woman with young children, in fact I do not like the idea of taking care of a next man’s kids………….

    As a man ages the meaning of the word attractive changes…..

    When I was young I took what so ever I got, as I got older I became more particular and now I look for good company…………………………..

    I keep myself to a certain standard and so I tend to seek someone who has done the same……

    Their age must alway be more than my daughter who is now 27, my first girlfriend ever was one year my senior at 15 and up till today we still chat at least once a year, for I never burn bridges!

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