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August 18, 2011 § 38 Comments

Heston Blumenthal has left his 51 year old wife, guess what, for an ambitious and grabby and considerably younger woman.

No prizes for guessing with whom my sympathy lies.


§ 38 Responses to New Plankton


    Maybe she drove him to it-two sides to every story!

  • dorisj69 says:

    Typical male mid life crisis

  • Lydia says:

    And Imogen Stubbs has left her much older husband for an actor who is slightly younger than than she is with a wife and child. Men and women do this kind of thing.

    The heston thing is interesting as he has credited his wife with the build up of the business publicly and often. I would imagine that as it was a long marriage with children with all the wealth built up in the marriage it will be a 50/50 asset split on the divorce.

  • I, for one think that it’s time that we learn a little bit more about you- “Plankton” is not a taxanomy classification, rather the term “plankton” refers to many thousands upon thousands of different species which dwell within the pelagic zones of the world’s oceans and lakes…

    Would you say that you classify yourself as being a phytoplankton? A bacterioplankton? A zooplankton? A nanoplankton, a picoplankton, a femtoplankon, a holoplankton, a meroplankton or perhaps even a megaplankton?

    Some are asexual, some are poisonous…

    We need to know these things… Time to expand upon the metaphor?

  • Oh yes, and I do wish the former Mrs. Blumenthal well (I cannot find her name on the web now), as well as to Heston and his new partner- I wish all parties well here, no need to dwell on (or in) pain…

  • aud fforbes says:

    What is wrong with these men – lets hope the sex is worth losing the respect of his teenage children and the love of a good woman who has continually supported him in his career – good luck with that then Heston !

  • Sarah says:

    I have a friend who, on her 60th birthday, was met by the words “You’re old, you’re ugly and you’re ill and this is not the life I want to lead any more” from her husband.

    He had been unfaithful, she found out, for most of their married life. She hadn’t seen it coming at all. What’s more, the next day, the bailiffs came in to empty the house as he’d gone through all their wealth plus a lot spending it on high living with his mistresses.

    She lost her life in 24hrs – husband, house, belongings, and gained debts, precariousness and a legal action.

    She did pull through emotionally in the end, but she never found another man (although she had a few penniless parasites try to worm their way into her life).

    • MissM says:

      Gah. I really think that had your friend shot her husband for that, and I found myself on the jury, I would have found her not guilty.

    • Chris says:

      From what you wrote she must have been penniless herself………so surely she to would have been a penniless parasite ?

      • Sarah says:

        Not originally actually, Chris. No idea why you jump to that conclusion. Her husband went through her wealth and on and on into debt.

        Once he left her, penniless, she did get half his modest pension, but had interest from even more destitute old guys who wanted to move in and live off her meagre income.

      • Lydia says:

        Yes but if you are a sensible woman, not a low IQ houswife idiot, you earn your own money and you ensure you look at all the bank statemetns on line every day.. I did both our tax returns.

        How could she not know? If the possessions in the house were hers not her husband’s then the bailiffs cannot get them. It sounds like she just needed a better lawyer.

        In some ways people (male or female) who don’t keep abreast of the family financial affairs deserve what is coming to them.

        Also none of those debts could have been in joint names or otherwise she would have signed up to them. It doesn’t quite ring true, does it?

        Also most of us who are successful women hope to be enjoying peak earnings at 60 + if you adore your work etc so so what if the man in your life has lost his own money, you out earn him and have fun at work. That is one way to protect yourself.

        (Note Jane Fonda’s writing about how to be sexual over 70s which is really lovely, in today’s press).

  • Karen says:

    Actually….the wife is 47…Heston is 45 and the new beau is 45!

  • AnonW says:

    I did once use one of his recipes to boil eggs. It was a neat trick, in that you just covered the eggs with water, brought them to the boil and then turned off the heat immediately. 6 minutes later they were perfect. Perhaps all his recipes have a 6 minute wait, so he can have a quick cormorant.

  • Bea says:

    Well, I was planning on eating at “Dinner by…” at some point in my life, but I don’t think I will now.

  • june says:

    Hm isnt it interesting how the men on here all seem to indicate its fine and get on with life, etc.etc, but would one expect any different.

    I have joined dating websites and am amazed how men in their 50s and 60s seem to consider women over 55 as a total no no, even if said women look much younger than them, I myself over 60, am told look much younger, im slim,dress trendily, have many younger female friends, but to these men i am too old, why do so many think younger women would want them, in many cases i wouldnt. Yet women are not supposed to want younger men, i am told by many i am really too choosey at my age. Well tell that to men then, especially these jerks who leave their wives for someome young enough to be their daughter, such as Heston..

    • Well then June, Ms. Plankton seemed notably uninterested in me-

      I entered into this world in 1972, I am presently 39 years old. I presently have zero (0) children, and I presently have zero (0) desire to bring any children into this world anytime in the near future…. …. … …. …. ? : )

      • Bambi says:

        Scott, I think you mean “currently” , not “presently”….”Presently” means “before long”, not “at present”…..

        …..Just thought I’d mention it….

    • MissM says:

      The men who think the younger women want them are usually deluded. The young woman with an older guy is only interested if his bank balance is large enough. Has anyone seen a young attractive woman with a penniless older man? Unfortunately most men forget that little factor when they are in pursuit of a new partner and think if person “x” can do it so can they.

      Also for some reason a man can walk down the street with a monumental beer belly and think himself an adonis while women despair over every half inch of extra fat. I have no idea why that is.

    • John, a gentle man. says:

      june, your bitterness is unbecoming.

      Heston has left his wife for a woman the same age as he is. Google it, and, seeing a photograph of the lady in question, I can understand his attraction. Right or wrong ? Certainly not for me to judge.

  • Rubycon says:

    I just read an article and found out Ms. Pirret is 45 years old…hardly considerably younger than his current wife of 51. I was envisioning someone in her 30’s the way it sounded.

  • Jane says:

    She’s 45 – hardly ‘considerably’ younger

  • Toyman, I did not actually say that I NEVER want to have any children, only that I intend to wait another several years from now to do so-

    Whatever floats your proverbial boat, though… May you live long and prosper!! : )

  • Blame it all on the monarchy- Camilla is a trendsetter, she made it hip to have a girlfriend in addition to your wife!! : )

  • fi says:

    Are posts disappearing off this site?

    • Miss J says:

      Happens a lot recently Fi, I’ve had email notifications of comments posted only to discover they’ve been deleted. Kidrock posted twice today and they both mysteriously vanished, it’s happened to a few of mine too…perhaps our more controversial comments are not appreciated by the author?

    • Bambi says:

      Yes, fi. Happens regularly. Don’t know why. Have had same experience as Miss J re posts.

  • fi says:

    How do you do that? Put your comments in other people’s boxes? I want to but don’t know how. Or is it because I’m doing it from my phone?

    • Miss J says:

      It gives you the option to reply to specific comments Fi, but then again I’m on my laptop, I couldn’t say if the option’s available on your phone.

  • Miss J says:

    I’m blonde so thank’s for your chivalry….if you want me to tear you a new arsehole because i don’t agree with you then that’s fine too! I’m thinking of starting my own blog as this one is starting to get a bit boring now- perhaps the attention this blog has received recently in the press has made Plankton more inclined be a tad too conservative, it’s been weeks since she’s used an expletive other than fuck/ing!!

  • fi says:

    I sorted it – I have to choose another viewing option. Yep I’m getting a bit bored if all the interesting comments are removed.

    • Miss J says:

      She only wants a generic replacement of the former Mr Plankton…probably called Jeremy or Rupert, works in the city, has a wine collection and plays polo at the weekends! I’d sooner count the wrinkles on my dogs balls than have a replacement of my ex!

      How long before this gets deleted too I wonder? lol

      • fi says:

        Not that she’s DEMANDING or anything but I bet she’s all Cath Kidson, private education, suppers by Nigella, pilates., croissants and squeezing orange juice on sunday mornings, lolling about on egyptian cotton sheets…….oops where did I go?????

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