August 20, 2011 § 7 Comments

I spoke to the kidnap negotiator on the telephone.  He was in an exotic place where there are kidnaps aplenty by the sounds, but returning; we hope.  I am seeing him sometime over the next few days.

Not a squeak from the Smidgen.  No surprises there.

I am ordering four paperback copies of Long Shot’s brilliant book from Amazon to give to any friends that are interested.  One of them, Kate, said this morning, laughing, “Save your money.  Don’t give one to me till you’re married to him and then I’ll read it avidly!”

My friend Emily fell in love with a wonderful author when she read his book, so totally gets it.  Trouble was, when she met him, lovely though he was, he wasn’t quite as she had imagined.  It is a pretty pointless pastime, I own, falling in love with someone one has never met, but it doesn’t do anyone any harm.  And thinking and wishing, as I have said before, is as agreeable a way as any to spend a rainy afternoon.

Cheaper than going to a movie.


§ 7 Responses to Miscellaneous


    I think you should take a break from all this man hunting-you must be exhausted with all the dead ends and disappointments. I also think you should visit Ireland-better class of singleton here!

    • Bambi says:

      As Singletons refers to both men and women, I am taking that as a compliment – thanks, Rory! Much better class of Singleton here…

  • Interesting- I am NOT an author, though I have made a very small contribution to a book that is (in theory) going to be published next month, sometime in this upcoming September- Until I just read “Miscellaneous,” at no time did it occur to me that this might be something to mention to the next woman or women that I meet, I did not actually think that terribly many people would be interested in knowing that…

  • quackers69 says:

    An even better way to spend a rainy afternoon is on AdultFriendFinder! A brilliant way to while away the hours! Try it Plankton – if just for the sake of a different perspective….

    I await your damning response………..

  • Lydia says:

    I’m not sure authors are a good bet. There’s no money in it and they tend to be very isolated non sociable individuals. They often don’t wear very attractve clothes (the male ones anyway) and they aren’t too good at flirting. They get very exercised about book ratings (remember that silly one who pretended his wife had criticised a colleague’s book when he had done it himself on line).

    Howeveri t just proves that what people want varies a lot from person to person. Some will want feisty. Others want someone exciting, unpredictable. Others want someone stable and calm and settled and financiallly established (and these criteria apply to men and women).

    Just be yourself.

    • I’ve also written two (2) articles for one of the local newspapers here back in 2008. Perhaps I’ll “forget” to mention that piece of information with the next woman or women whom I meet…

  • DAN says:

    Thats the spirit , plankton !

    Hope is what it all about !


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