Longer Shot Rethink

September 9, 2011 § 8 Comments

Having quite given up the very idea of Longer Shot yesterday as preposterous, of course there is suddenly a turn of events which means my meeting him unexpectantly becomes a distinct possibility and now, just when I – and you – thought I had begun to take repossession of my senses, I am having to have a rethink, dammit.

The rethinking, I swear it, is taking place completely in the context of total awareness of my own absurdity.  I can promise you that, but two things happened last night which has meant curiosity and lack of sense have once more have got the better of me.  First, a friend came for supper and it turns out she knows him (seems more and more people I know seem to know him to the point I am now puzzled as to how have he and I have made it this long without ever having come across each other) and she began regaling me with stories about him, what he is like, the fact she thinks he is still available, how eccentric he is (I have to say, I do rather like eccentric) and how the idea of him and me is far from impossible; why not at least meet him?  He is great to talk to, if nothing else, she said; enormously interesting.  She seemed even rather tickled by the idea and promises she is going to do some gentle finding out about his current whereabouts, status (lover or no lover?) etc.  Well, perhaps I should have said save yourself the bother but anyone who tells me I should have is evidently a better person than me.

We were up to fuck knows what time this morning talking about him, deliciously spinning away. (If stories don’t really exist, hey, why not conjure them up for the sport of it, even out of practically nothing?  Call it Plankton fuel).  Then, after my friend left, I checked my emails before turning my lights out and what did I find there but a long one from him forwarded to me not from Janey, but from someone else I am close to, with several mentions of me in it.

I defy any of you not to have become at least a little bit curious, had you been me.


§ 8 Responses to Longer Shot Rethink

  • AJ says:

    OMFG, of course we would be curious, well I would be anyway.

    I am in a similar position at the moment, playing a bit of cat and mouse with someone who I thought had “cooled” things.

    What were the “mentions of you”? Spill the beans!!

  • Sarah says:

    Best plan is to meet him and form your own idea. You might ask him, when you do, if he lives up (down?) to his reputation as being emotionally distant…

    It does seem incredible that you have so many friends in common and have yet never met!

  • John says:

    Meet the guy and put us all out of misery!!! You deserve some fun……

  • Erin says:

    Please go into it with both eyes open, clean slate – no fantasties about what you think this man might be like to colour your opinion of him (haven’t we all been there!) Be careful to heed red flags, pink flags, any niggling thoughts in your head, and don’t excuse away bad behavior. This was my downfall always with men. Oh, they’ve had a bad day and that is why they are grumpy, inattentive, impatient with the restaurant server, or they’re just men and that is why their head almost fell off when an 18 year old passed by.

    I hope Long Shot turns out to be a wonderful man. The emotionally distant bothers me, as that is usually not a trait that is fixable. Having said that, best not to consider that until you’ve had your own experience, as that is a third-party comment and God knows the circumstances behind it. Good luck my dear! We are all behind you and hoping you find the love you want and deserve : )

  • EmGee says:

    Plankton Food!!!!!!

    I have had these delicious conversation myself -never lose my appetite for them.

  • Noni says:

    Erin, Excellent advice! what you say is so true. Plankton love your honesty and wit.

  • lianankat says:

    Great advice Erin! Plankton, follow you first instincts…
    Btw, I love your blog – and the way you use of the English language.

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