Stop Press…But Hardly a News Flash

October 19, 2011 § 19 Comments

Poppy Seed never did get back in touch.  Irksome in some ways.  Fine by me in every other.  (My friends and anyone else can protest all they like, but I don’t fancy being with a man who has already grown old with someone else, probably because I don’t fancy him FULL STOP.  Tried.  Can’t.  Can’t help it.  Too bad.  Move on).

More to the point, Smidgen did get back in touch.  Of which more in a few days.

As for Long Shot: I STILL have not heard from BF which means LS has STILL not responded to BF’s emails.  This I find completely incredible.  I feel sure he will email BF eventually but the waiting is, frankly, pathetically, bemusing and disappointing.

There is not a single other twinkle in all the universe.  Perhaps I am being spoilt but it is not as if either of the two vaguely legitimate twinkles above are going anywhere fast.  Anywhere, full stop.

Half-term beckons and the whole world stops then disappears for ten days, so nothingness stretches in the near future and into the distant future.  My diary has it that I am having supper with a girlfriend next Tuesday and dinner with an elderly couple next Friday, then being and nothingness till Book Club in the middle of November.

Tell me it gets jollier and more hopeful than this?


§ 19 Responses to Stop Press…But Hardly a News Flash

  • Margaux says:


    Ok –

    Good call re Poppy Seed
    Smidgen – we await with interest…
    Long Shot ? – does he know about this blog perchance?
    Is he known to be an erratic emailer? …put him back in the pending file for now …
    He has to reply to a Christmas invitation soon or else he is just plain rude!

    I have a feeling it’s just a lull. Patience, Plankton … never know what’s round the corner!

  • june says:

    Sadly plankton it sounds a bit like my own life and i dont think it does get better than this.

    I have been trying to work out ways meeting men might be possible, but i seem to come up with blanks. I am still on the websites, but nothing there, i tweak my profile, even added some pics of me out with my younger friends thinking it might make men realise i am not a fossil, i dont look so bad, certainly the age difference is not that apparent and they are all in good shape for their age, but still no takers.Its the same men on every site anyway.

    Not a lot on my social calendar, meal next week hopefully with the two friends coming round,november boheme with female friend, attached of course,, odd lunch with old friends, then december one or two events, thats it, not a golden opportunity of meeting anyone. i think winter very downtime for us planktons, everyone hunkers down and closes the curtains, fine if you have someone, at least youve kids and family, i dont even have that, not so fine if you dont, I really cant see it improving anytime soon. Its going to be a long winter.!

  • LLondon says:

    Been reading your wonderfully entertaining and poignant blog for a while now (I know your predicament is not entertaining for you, though) but the one thing that keep striking me, and forgive me for stupidity or callousness, is that in amongst the clear desire to meet a man which is your chief driver, I am not sure I understand the reasons why you want one. I’m not saying you shouldn’t want one, but do you want a man who will comfort you and be there for you as you grow old? Someone who will bring you a hot water bottle when you have cramps? Someone who will cosily discuss what you’re going to make together for dinner? That is one type of man, not necessarily the same as the stomach-flip inducing lover who makes your world spin and creates passion and romance in your life (frequently this equates chaos although not always).
    I think you are perfectly capable of finding what you want, but clarity on exactly what it is you’re looking for (and equally, what you’re offering in return) will also help you draw it to yourself without a sense of panicked, blanket desperation which, as we all know, is guaranteed to repel just about any bloke. They sense it, like sharks. Also, the more you focus on how few there are and what you don’t have, the more you will confirm that’s true. There are, in fact, a lot of blokes who are looking to meet kind, loving women and although for a foolish moment in their (our our!) heads they (we!) might think they want a 28 year old supermodel, actually they’d be very happy with a loving woman of their own age who will not screw up her nose in horror at the first grey pube.
    I wish you the very, very best of luck and love. xo

    • The Plankton says:

      Thank you for this. Much appreciated. I am glad you have commented. Px

    • Lydia says:

      Yes, think about what matters and go for that. Obviously some men over 60 do end up with their head turned by the 20 something. i was thinking about the Russian in her early 20s (allegedly a spy) and her long affair with the 60+ ugly one some liberal democrat MP whom I imagine has a beard and I think she had a Nato man too and a diplomat and someone else (busy girl) but none of them has married her, just enaged in sexual gymnastics and I imagine she was good at flattering their ego.

      In general as said above if you concentrate on thinking how few men there are you will convince yourself that is so. I think there is a glut of lovely men and tend not to be disappointed even though I am as 40 som ething and divorced with children as plankton.

      If this man hasn’t been in touch about the weekend so what? There are loads of men. I with a group of people for work today and another lot yesterday. I don’t mix work and pleasure but everywhere we go there are potential men out there.

      (And you can easily deal with grey pubic hairs, not that I’ve noticed any, by getting waxed…[Lydia; Solutions not problems, Optimism on Tap, lucky me]

  • MissBates says:

    I must say, it does seem rather odd that LongShot does not have regular access to the internet, as you say in an earlier post. I mean, I understand he’s based somewhere regretably far away from you, but nothing you’ve said about him leads me to believe that he’s living in some remote outpost of civilization, or is working under deep cover for the CIA or MI6 or something and thus unavailalbe. You’ve described him as a successful writer, so even if he is working feverishly on his latest book, he would still have a fair amount of business to conduct, and ergo, a need to interact via email with his publisher/editor/agent/secretary/accountant, etc. etc.

    I think his failure to respond to your mutual friend’s generous invitation (even if it’s just to say “I’ll let you know by next Tuesday” or whatever) is, well…..*whispering* ….appallingly rude.

  • Geoffrey says:

    I think LS has read the email but is just holding fire, waiting to see whether an alternative offer might come along. It is only 19th Oct after all!It all sounds fairly unbeatable to me though so I am sure there will be a positive result eventually.

  • DAN says:

    Plankton , i am not going to say here, i told you so, but keep the chin up.
    It will happen if you just slow down and let it!
    People and freinds are not commodities to be droped and picked up as you please !
    They will eventually cop on and then it can become a very lonely world.


  • Caz says:

    chin up plankton!…you helped me out yesterday and now i have a date lined up for w/e. Plan loads to do @ half-term….dogs and children are a great way to meet people. get planning – get busy – these things tend to happen when you least expect them….x

    • june says:

      Caz is this the man you not sure about then, well if so good on you,he sounds reasonable on many counts, if only i could find one with so many pluses i would be happy, sadly i cannot find one at all. I cant believe i can live in a city and meet no eligible men. Tonight i went on to dating website, scrapped my profile and replaced with why do i bother to wrire anything when however young i look, feel dress or act, no-one will contact me as i am the dreaded cut off date for a woman,over 55. I am not sure it will get me any contacts but it is better than the usual banal crap you see on profiles.

      Hope the date goes well,and perhaps he will grow on you, i know people who have fancied people rotten and are now desperately trying to prop up an ailing relationship, which really should end. Friendship is probably a better start,passion sadly does not always last..

  • anniebub says:

    I think everyone is reading too much into this. Honestly, I do not think LS will have any great plan to DO or NOT to do anything. I just don’t think it will be a priority. But his lack of reply is definitely not because he knows a plan is being hatched to ensnare him. He may be being rude, or laid back or just busy. I expect busy. And not good with the diary. But DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE. There is a very good chance he is going to respond in the affirmative and you will spend the evening in his company. Truly..Believe this. It is every bit as possible as the alternative.

  • Jo says:

    I agree with LLondon.
    Plus,LS not replying to BF and not ‘possibly having access to the internet’ ( ! This is the 21st Century. Doesn’t matter where you are in the world. This just doesn’t wash.. ).
    This is rude to BF. Stretching wishful thinking to an extreme for you. And ultimately points – again – to the fact that this man is fast turning into a dead loss. Move on and maybe be surprised in the future if he EVER materialises. But everything points to the fact that he is a dead loss and his every -non- action is just keeping you hanging and fuelling a hopeless fantasy. With the accent on hopeless. Bloody hell. Exasperating doesn’t begin to cover it. You can make any amount of excuses/scenarios you want. Bottom line – deep in your gut you must know,I’m sure – this man is a no hoper. A no hoper. He would have stepped up to the mark by now. No excuses.
    Just turning into a tantalising,idealistic ‘exciting’ FANTASY.
    And deep in your heart you know it.

  • fi says:

    Its only october. Who plans christmas this early? If I received an email I’d respond, but obly to say its far too early to commit to anything

  • Plankton is a daffodil: (excerpt from the Wiki, “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”,
    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host of golden daffodils;
    Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
    Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
    The reversal of usual syntax in phrases, particularly “Ten thousand saw I at a glance” is used as part of foregrounding (for emphasis).[16] Loneliness, it seems, is only a human emotion, unlike the mere solitariness of the cloud.[17] In the second and third verses, the memory of the daffodils is given permanence (particularly through comparison the stars); this is in contrast to the transitory nature of life examined in other works:[18]
    Continuous as the stars that shine
    and twinkle on the Milky Way,
    They stretched in never-ending line
    along the margin of a bay:
    Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
    tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

    The waves beside them danced; but they
    Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
    A poet could not but be gay,
    in such a jocund company:
    I gazed – and gazed – but little thought
    what wealth the show to me had brought:
    In the last stanza, it is revealed that this scene is only a memory of the pensive speaker.[12] This is marked by a change from a narrative past tense to the present tense. as a conclusion to a sense of movement within the poem: passive to active motion; from sadness to blissfulness.[16] The scene of the last verse mirrors the readers’ situation as they take in the poem:[19]
    For oft, when on my couch I lie
    In vacant or in pensive mood,
    They flash upon that inward eye
    Which is the bliss of solitude;
    And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the daffodils.
    Like the maiden’s song in “The Solitary Reaper,” the memory of the daffodils is etched in the speaker’s mind and soul to be cherished forever. When he’s feeling lonely, dull or depressed, he thinks of the daffodils and cheers up. The full impact of the daffodils’ beauty (symbolizing the beauty of nature) did not strike him at the moment of seeing them, when he stared blankly at them but much later when he sat alone, sad and lonely and remembered them.[17]
    With love, Plankton
    Enjoy half term

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