Belated Response from Long Shot

October 21, 2011 § 17 Comments

Needless to say, it wasn’t straightforward and was never going to be.

Plenty of people have warned me off Long Shot, commentators more than friends, saying he is a waste of space.  Fair view, but one I don’t necessarily hold to yet.  Nor do those who know him.  Janey maintains he is problematical in some ways but heaven in others.  BF singled him out as the man for me months and months ago but I knew less about him then, and foolishly, head-strongly, dismissed the idea until certain members of my family met and admired him and I read something he wrote and fell in love with his prose.  When I met him, finally, I thought he was wonderful, but he is a bachelor and bachelors, as we know, have their, how shall I put this?  Areas.

Anyway, last night, finally, BF received an email from him to the tune that he would love to stay with him but he might not be able to, he is not sure yet.  He explained that it is rather dependent on family commitments and so forth.  Could he hold off from a definite yes or no a little while longer?

It would have been heartening to enter into half-term, children away alas, with something major like that to look forward to (as opposed to my daily cup of coffee, say, which has its place in my looking-forward-to lexicon, being as I am a plankton who has taught herself to enjoy the small things in life – but let’s face it, isn’t right up there).

I dare say, for a plankton at any rate, it constitutes unforgivable greed to hope to be able to have something so big to look forward to as spending several days in a blissful house belonging to fantastic friends in the company of an eligible, intelligent, charming, literate, mutual-friend-y, and (allegedly) available man with whom I could fall in love, and blow me down, could, it is not beyond the bounds of reason, fall in love with me, not because I am the earth but because I am not a raving fascist, xenophobic Nazi who kills people and am not endowed with the brain of a total sheep and am not as ugly as a thousand warthogs (please, no angry protest replies from the Hug a Warthog Society), and I am not 92, and I am not unable to string two words together and nor do I stink like a skunk.  And, biggest point in my favour, I am simply there.  Under his nose and open to suggestion, or “disposed” as one friend puts it.  I am not saying it will, but it could happen.  And at this point, the very could, is something in itself to look forward to, even if in the event it doesn’t.

The happy fact is that gorgeous BF is optimistic, but I remain none the wiser, and won’t be for a while.



§ 17 Responses to Belated Response from Long Shot

  • Margaux says:

    In the Pending file.

    Please Plankton – don’t gamble everything on this. If it doesn’t go your way – there will be another time, another opportunity. ( What is LS doing at New Year I wonder?)

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you but also worrying you may be setting yourself up for disappointment…so keep this one simmering on the backburner for now …

  • Anya. says:

    Honestly Plankton, if it’s this hard work I don’t think the man can possibly meet up to your expectations! He’s only human! Now what’s happened to that nice Smidgen?

    Am posting that award for you later on – The Liebster Blog Award. All details on there. x

  • Erin says:

    Well as you already know, in the world of a plankton, the ducks never line up neatly in a row – no, that would be too easy, wouldn’t it. But, he didn’t say no so that is encouraging : ) It’s just a shame that now you will have more time to ruminate instead of plan. It’s nice that BF is diligently working behind the scenes though, and maybe a little more prodding will spur LS to make a decision earlier than later. So think positively dear P, and hopefully it will turn out as you want in the end.

    Just a question out of curiosity – you mentioned that LS lives in another country. Is he from that country or from the UK?

  • Di says:

    Plankton, I read your posts and feel like you are writing my story, I totally understand your reactions and responses. its shitty isnt it ! ive just wasted 8 months building up a great freindship to a relationship (after a 10 year absence whilst i looked after my son, ) and decided to take the plunge, only to find out he has had a girlfriend for a week and forgot to mention it, needless to say he has been sending me messages all week, despite the fact he has a girlfriend. why oh why do they do this ? we build ourselves up ..only to be let down again, i cant belevie it can always be this way

  • fi says:

    I just think I’m afraid that if he was interested then he’d be chasing you! Hope I’m wrong as its nice when the story has a happy ending, not least because it gives the rest of us faith, but he’s met you, and your friends will have raved about you to him already and I don’t think its that likely that spending days with you over christmas will work the about turn you want. You’ve been saying, and I agree, that you need that magic something or other, you can like someone a lot but that doesn’t make it work. It’s possible that he could change his mind after spending time with you, but I bet you move in circles where everyone speculates who Plankton is, probably at supper parties where you probably bring it up,and if so, unless you’ve made up the stuff in this blog then you’ll have been identified and discussed. And if so then that may influence how they are all now responding to you. Would like to be wrong on this one though.

  • EmGee says:

    Me here, still trying to figure out a way to subscribe to a post w/out leaving a comment.

    Anyway, who’s to say there won’t be something big to look forward to half term – it just may not be LS, is all.

  • Lydia says:

    Gosh. Glad I’m not pond life with so little to cling on to that it all hangs on a man, the whole of life’s excitement, that that is the one thing that will cure, make one happy, that it hinges just on that, the man the cureall? Don’t let it be so. Gosh I am looking forward to so very very many things and if I also find a boyfriend to replace the summer’s one before Christmas that would be lovely too but if not it doesn’t matter as I’m busy or happy .

    Don’t put all the happiness eggs into the man basket.

    Look at why there is nothing else you’re looking forward to? I have (a) very exciting work things going on (b) things with the family (c) a trip abroad coming up (d) skiing en famille at Christmas. None of those involve a man and yet I am still happy about them. The rest of life is good and exciting. The grass is green. The world is good and it is a delight to get up. May be you have a deeper problem, a dissatisfaction in more general terms which might be cured by improving things like your seratonin levels as much as by finding a new husband. Love does not cure problems and life and if it is relied upon as a crutch that may not be in people’s best long term interests.

    • Erin says:

      Lydia, with all due respect, try being a plankton for 15 plus years and maybe you might think differently. Not meaning to be snarky at all but when months stretch into years, the attitude does tend to change somewhat.

      • Lydia says:

        It is nearly 10 years since I divorced. I think I’ve had a wonderful 40s. I’m so lucky and yes I have had boyfriends in that period, the longest for a year but when I haven’t which is probably more often than not and is currently so I’m not unhappy.

        You can be a single non plankton having fun without a man though in my book.

    • Jo says:

      Hear hear Lydia. Bravo

  • LLondon says:

    Dude, you seriously need to get a plan B going. This is going to HURT if it doesn’t work out. Don’t set yourself up for more angst, the teen-style agony you’re putting yourself through is bad enough.

  • Elle says:

    My advice is to forget Long Shot and check out all the other options. You appear to have plenty of them if this blog is anything to go by. Even if you and Long Shot did get together he’d wreck your head because he’d probably be equally nebulous and non-committal in a relationship.

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