Long Shot’s Text When Least Expecting It

November 16, 2011 § 12 Comments

Ok, so his text came when I was, I admit, least expecting it.

But wait till he actually follows the text up with promised further communication (as yet not forthcoming) and something actually happens.  Only then will I concede “it” happened when I was least expecting “it”… Whatever “it” actually is?

I don’t think people mean a measly text (though the sentiments in it were far from measly, they were friendly) when they tell me, as they so often do, that “it” will happen when I am least expecting “it”.

I have ranted about this before – that it’s a load of bollocks and I am always “least expecting it” – but what does the “it” refer to, exactly?  A text out of the blue?  Is that “it”?  In which case, yeah, OK; granted.  Or is “it” a thunder bolt and happy ever after, out of the blue?

Whatever it is, I was not and am not expecting it.  In fact, as I said a couple of days ago, I am so not expecting “it” that “it” could kick me in the tits with a hobnail boot, and I still wouldn’t have a clue what on earth “it” was.


§ 12 Responses to Long Shot’s Text When Least Expecting It

  • fi0na says:

    “It”, I presume, is love.

  • When “IT” arrives you will definately know .

    When my “IT” arrived , I had to be forced onto a plane ….and later …well that’s another story, which is still ongoing …..

    “A kick in the tits” is added to my lexicon of conversation stoppers …merci x

  • I just thought of this- Ms. Plankton, if you tell Long Shot or Smidgen or Email Man or Snowman, etc. about this blogpage, I promise you that you will no longer be alone…. ….. probably as soon as this upcoming weekend…

    • fi0na says:

      How do you figure that? I’d run a mile if I found out an admirer had been publishing secret missives about me (however eloquent and well written) it’s stalker-like.

    • Because her blogpage is very clever- Ms. Plankton does not seem like some creepy, stalker type, where the police might be finding pieces of you chopped up in the woods a few years from now…

      Chances are that most of these guys whom Ms. Plankton is writing about think of her as possibly mildly interesting, and their thoughts of her will likely end pretty much with that… If however, one gains some insight into the inner workings of the mind of a single mom in her mid 40’s, sometimes guys’ perceptions can change…. ….

  • joules says:

    By definition if you are always “not expecting it” almost everything happens. May not be what you were hoping for though; let’s hope this is not the case re LS.

  • maryhague says:

    I’m with fi0na. ‘It’ is love. Not a measly text message promising to send an email and then not doing for days and bleedin’ days. Not in my book any way!

  • rosie says:

    I agree. I’ve always been tempted to tell them to fuck off and die when and if they do eventually get in touch but have only done it once (and didn’t tell him to FOAD) and that’s because I didn’t fancy him. There’s no hope when even the unfanciable ones are up to it!

  • rosie says:

    In an ideal world every woman would employ a policy of zero tolerance, the buggers would have to up their game and dating wouldn’t be the soul-sucking experience (I can just about remember that far back) it often is.

  • MissBates says:

    I would have to go with the concensus here and say “love,” although at this point I’m not sure I’d recognize it as such, with or without the “hobnail boot to the tits.”

  • EmGee says:

    I admit I am not sure what “it” is either, in the context of your post P, but I do hope it isn’t a ‘kick in the tits’.

  • Jo says:

    Sorry to say this P. But this man doesn’t seem keen. In fact, not sure what he’s doing, but seems way too casual behaviour to latch onto. Sorry. But just an honest observation. ‘Keen’ doesn’t behave like this….

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