The Long Shot Email Has Landed Whoop Whoop…

November 28, 2011 § 27 Comments

…and it was charming if fairly bonkers.  I am cautiously cock-a-hoop – grant me that – and I am not entirely sure how to respond even though I am really rather old and should, but will surely work it out though it feels as if I am walking a tightrope.

Must do very best not to fuck it up as there are no other twinkles to speak of, and I like him.  So much to play for.


§ 27 Responses to The Long Shot Email Has Landed Whoop Whoop…

  • Blimey Missus’.. I didn’t expect a result that soon…… abandon Ice Floe ….have a Grear Day in the clouds Px

  • Twinkletoes says:

    Woo Hoo!!!!! I’m rooting for you!

  • MissBates says:

    Charming + bonkers = very tantalizing combination. I have absolute confidence in your ability to craft the appropriate response. I’d take 48 hours or so before sending it, though. Who knows — perhaps next year at this time you will be planning to spend Christmas at the oddly remote location where he seems to have holed up. (I’m choosing to think it’s some wind-swept island off the coast of Scotland with communications circa 1952. That somehow seems appropriately writer-ly.) In any event, go ahead and allow yourself a few hours of giddiness.

  • Elle says:

    Good luck but as Dorothy Parker said, don’t put all your eggs in one b*stard.

  • fi says:

    Just an update on my POF thing (where I responded to an invitation with a ‘yes’ and heard no more) in case anyone’s interested, and I think it ties in here. Despite my better judgement I sent a friendly email and heard nothing. And I was aware that he was on the website. however within 30 minutes of deleting him from my Favourites list, which would have sent a warning email telling him, I got an email full of non sense about how he was thinking of me. This reinforces my view that a) interest drops off if you appear to reciprocate and b) they like to have a back up option and that’s me. This isn’t the case obviously if a bloke really likes you, but keeping in touch with you doesn’t mean they do really like you and you really do have to look at how they behave rather just hear what they say. Or in my case, read what they write 😀

    • TwinkleToes says:

      Fi, sorry to correct you, but PoF only sends an email when you add someone to your favourites, not when you delete them. Sounds like your admirer is playing games to me. Absolutely agree with everything else that you said 🙂

  • Lizzie from Oz says:

    Without knowing the content of the email – was it a personal diatribe/letter or was it a forward-on joke/rules/wisdom epiphany – but I would recommend approaching your reply in exactly the same way that you approach this blog – witty, humourous, astute and profound. Good luck!

  • AJ says:

    So glad to hear that P, at blooming last… there’s the break you’ve been waiting for. Please keep us posted with response!!

  • Elle says:

    Is this a spam advertisement? Scott, single women who can’t meet men are hardly in the market for what that link is advertising. Now Scott, do they sell ones that are big enough for you to crawl into and entirely hide yourself?

  • Jo says:

    Wahey! Enjoy the giddiness. It’s so delicious.
    Reality can wait for a bit.

  • EmGee says:

    I am giddy too! I have every confidence that you will say the right thing, Ms P!

    I predict a verrrry merrrry Christmas holiday for you!

    • The Plankton says:

      Alas, the Christmas arrangement with BF is falling apart, but I still have the thread of my very own email, so if I am savvy about it, I may just be able to pull off some alternative arrangement, but it will be some feat. I will keep you posted, and thank you. Best Px

  • Joules says:

    Wonderful news. At least he followed through on this – very promising. Am sure you will rise to the occasion of the perfect reply. Fingers and everything else crossed.

    Somehow it seems that if even one of us planktonistas gets lucky it means it will be possible for the rest of us.

  • ToneDeafSinger says:

    Just a curiosity: do you usually reproduce here the The Times column? I don’t normally buy The Times but I read it today in a coffee shop and I thought there was an article that I cannot see here… it ended with the words “Smidgeon and I are history”…

  • AMJ says:

    This is the best news I’ve heard all week (cut me some slack, at least it’s Tuesday night here, nearly midweek!). Happy about the bonkers bit too, as the best ones tend to be a bit barmy.

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