More Oblivion…Just till Tomorrow…Then Back to Business as Usual…Smiling and Waving

December 4, 2011 § 60 Comments

Still lying prone, chomp, chomp, chomping away here…oh, and have become rather partial (although that is, I will reveal, almost top on my list of no-no words) to a touch of vodka.  So as it happens it’s, more, chomp, chomp, swig, swig…

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  • Fi says:

    Why not combine the two and just crack open a bottle of Baileys? Poured over ice. Yum yum yum

  • june says:

    Plankton dear god get a grip, this bloke isnt worth it. But are any of them, thats the trouble.

    I was thinking to myself i reinvented myself when i moved to the city, in every way, even down to growing my hair, id had a short crop for years and i thought ah yes now i will find someone,it will happen and two years bloody later i know it wont. If women of your age cant get anyone decent what hope is there for me, unless i want a dodering old man with one foot in grave or someone fat and ugly that no-one younger would want. As most of my friends are younger than me,and we get on so well,ive often wondered why the hell cant i attract younger men, but i guess it all comes down to sex, doesent it, men want younger women because of that.

    So dear plankton, i feel for you but you are still in with a chance, not anything like as great as when 30 i grant you, but you have few more years left to meet “the man”, sadly for us over the age of 55 it just isnt going to happen, and for someone of my age, its so remote, as Miss M said,weve more likelihood of being in a terriost attack.!

    • Chris says:

      Yer know what June, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I’m a bloke and no, I don’t think we are worth it.I cannot understand why women get their knickers in such a twist and waste so much time on male prospects who are in reality….ummm…not really prospects at all. I sometimes wonder if it would not be better if planktons were a little more light hearted and less intense. Most of my girlfriends I have met while really not looking for someone. Just had a good laugh ( essential ) and bingo, off we went !! I think people relax more that way. Just a thought.

      • june says:

        Think you have something there Chris. Thats why i dont like dating websites, Meeting people naturally is so much better. Websites are too intense, too obvious, people are just not themselves. But where do all we planktons go to meet men, I would much rather meet them in normal life but where. I live in a city, and dont say they are lonely, i lived in a small town for years they are worse. I meet very few, one friend thought my neighbour in upstairs flat suitable, hes a few years older than me, a nice man, but he seems like 20 years older, and hes health problems,! no thanks.Noone ever introduces me to anyone,i have nev er had anyone match make for me ever. If i go out its with my younger coupled up friends, as im not in bad shape for my age, the age difference is not that obvious, but of course they are coupled up, they dont need to meet anyone. The singles group i attend is overrun with women, lots younger than me, if a eligible male joins, he gets snapped up by them, and i have to say some look older than me, and are not as well groomed. People have said a lone male doing his shopping in a supermarket . hmm well i do Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco, and have yet to see any lone eligble males looking out for a partner. I cant afford Waitrose, guess that wouldnt be much better.

        As many of the ;planktons on here say we feel invisible to men even if we are quite attractive, i know i do. Like plankton i am starting to think am i really that unattractive,that noone fancies me, and will look at me once, let alone twice. Tell me where we can meet men who will actually look at us and converse and we will head there en masse.

  • MissM says:

    Well that is what happens when chocolate and vodka are so much easier to come by than a decent man. I have at times wondered if I could make myself so sick on chocolate that it would put me off eating chocolate forever, the way food poisoning makes you forever avoid the dish that caused it. I have never succeeded.

    Some killjoy will probably come and tell you to stop and consider your health, but I say for your mental health keep at the chomps and swigs, be decadent until you are sated, and only when you are sated should you stop. For all things should be done in moderation, including moderation. Enjoy being decadent.

    Anyway I think you have all the food groups covered, fat, sugar, caffeine and alcohol, it’s a balanced diet of a sort.

    • Lydia says:

      Chocolate causes highs and lows and vodka and all alcohol are depressant so technically they are the worst things to take if you’re feel sad as they make you feel sadder.

  • MsHaversham to be says:

    I’ve not posted before but have been reading your blog for sometime. I can relate to the contents of most of your posts for I too am a Plankton (it’s a bit like AA that bit, “Hi my name is X and I’m a Plankton”. I do of course accept that some like me don’t need to say it; its visible at 20 paces).

    I have come to the conclusion I was born Plankton. I can count the amount of relationships I’ve had on one hand. Although given my last date I’d rather be single. I just seem to be the human equivalent of Magnolia paint- innocuous enough, but just background and you’d rather something more exciting. I should see I’m not hideous or fat, just small and average looking. But at 32 I’m definitely on the shelf!

    Anyway P, I can relate particularly to today’s post. There is only so much travelling, museums, galleries and eating in public alone before you think ‘sod it, I can’t be bothered walking around like a grinning idiot going isn’t single life wonderful. I love every bit of my life’ and want to stay in. This time of year doesn’t help. There are family packs of everything about. Has anyone come across a spinster size bar of chocolate/bag of crisps?

    • The Plankton says:

      Dear MsHavershamtobe, Thank you for this comment. I love hearing from all my loyal commentators but, as I have said before and surely will again, it’s great to hear from new ones too. I particularly appreciated your magnolia paint analogy! Very best wishes, Plankton

    • june says:

      Ms haversham to be,im double your age so you are in with a chance still,Mind you i can remember when i was your age my m um telling me to find someone as i was an only child and without her and my dad i would be alone, I think she thought the being alone would kick in a bit earlier than it did, as my dad lived til 98, but here i am, alone. Like you i think i was born a plankton,even in the days of the swinging 60s when i was a teenager,i didnt get many dates. I was wasnt fat or hideous either, it just didnt happen. i was small and average too, but that is an advantage as you become an older plankton, as i am still small,and not hideous and im told dont look my age, not a great comfort if a plankton but it helps.

      Sadly no spinster size bars of chocolate, christmas is not a good time for us planktons,after we have been out for christmas celebrations with our mostly coupled up friends, or if not coupled up, with families they can visit at christmas, christmas day looms, like the elephant in the room, always there. Friends go to their or partners families,even if they only seem to remember they have these said relations in december, and tell you” if at home, you know you could have come round will you be all right” you think , whats the bloody point in saying that, i cant.

      Like you say you do get tired of smiling all the time and pretending how you love this single life. Strangely lots of my coupled up friends, all younger than me , seem to stay in on weekend nights curling up in their PJs watching X factor, they are all on facebook saying they are, but its different staying in with a partner isnt it, to sitting in on your own.

      • june says:

        My puncuation is awful thats what comes of typing in dim lamplight, commas where full stops should be.

      • MsHaversham to be says:

        Lol!! My mother has already started with the ‘you should find a man or you’ll be alone’ comments. As Carrie (SATC) pointed out, it’s not something I am likely to forget or need reminding of. Alas as you rightly say, people constantly stating the obvious doesn’t suddenly magic a chap up.

        As to your X Factor watching friends- I’d rather re- do the grouting in my shower than watch that. Of course it has been written on here before that when you’re single you’ve constantly got to go out and do things just to show how active and fulfilled your life is.

        I can’t be bothered to pretend today either.

    • Lydia says:

      I would just add that if someone of 32 hasn’t had children yet I would bother more about that than a man. Have a child or two as fertility plummets at 35 and don’t worry about a man. A man can come around later. The child will be with you forever

      • MsHaversham to be says:

        Lydia, I don’t want or like children. Although if I did, comments such as yours would only add pressure to the mountain of pressure and sense of failure society already heaps on childless women in their 30s.

      • june says:

        MsHaversham to be, are you an only child by any chance,mothers seem to do this much more with only daughters. I know my mum was right but i could never see where this man was coming from as like you i rarely had dates. Much more unattractive girls than me did, my mums answer to that was i was too fussy and if i said i wanted a man like my kind considerate and caring dad, shed say well hes not perfect. I would say no but hes better than lots of men and you are lucky to have him,which was true.

        Like you id rather regrout my bathroom than watch X factor,does it ever end.

        If i go on to my friends about not having anyone, they think i mean i always want to be out, but i dont, yes i am quite social,but as someone once said, its having someone to do nothing with that you miss, all us planktons know what that means. We all seem to have friends, good ones,that isnt the problem.

        I would my dear think very carefully about what Lydia said, bringing a child up by yourself is a hard and difficult thing to do, and not something to embark on lightly, some women dont have a choice but to actually plan for it, needs a great deal of consideration. Ive never had a strong maternal instinct myself but even if i had,it isnt something i would have contemplated, deliberately depriving a child of a father figure, does not seem right to me. I adored my dad, i cant imagine not having him in my life,although i know many not as lucky as i was with their fathers.

      • MsHaversham to be says:

        I am indeed an only child. As said above I don’t like or want children so bringing a fatherless one into the world isn’t an issue for me. I do however take your point about how hard it is to raise one alone. That wouldn’t be for me.

        I know the feeling of standing by watching as those who aren’t attractive (mentally or physically) gain a partner and you just sit twiddling your thumbs. Or watching them in supermarkets do the shopping together. I miss doing nothing or the banal stuff with a
        partner too. Of course this time of year makes it worse…..

      • Leftatforty says:

        Don’t mind Lydia. That’s the way she is.

      • Elle says:

        Lydia, some of us plankton don’t have children because we didn’t find the right partner. When I was younger I wanted children but there was no way I would have one if I couldn’t find somebody I considered responsible father material. Having a child on my own was not an option for me but if others want to do this good luck to them if they have the time, energy and money to raise a child alone.

        Now that I’m older I’m not so fussy about who I date because children aren’t an issue.

    • MissM says:

      Oh how I love your post Ms Haversham to be, I can relate to all of it and the magnolia paint analogy is indeed brilliant. I have read many male comments elsewhere on the net of self professed “nice guys” complaining that women only want the “bad boy” and that the nice guys have been passed over as a result. I long to ask them if what they were focussed on were the flashy blondes that every guy was also lusting after, and were they not perhaps themselves ignoring the perfectly nice girls who were part of the background.

      I have to admit I was thinking that I was on the shelf while I was in my 20’s, even resorting to dating agencies (of the walk in type as internet dating did not exist then). Soon gave them up as too dire. So I was feeling much as you are now when I was 29, yet I did meet someone then even though I had despaired. We were together for ten years, which is longer than many marriages these days. I have hope for you Ms Haversham to be.

      For what it is worth I am also an only child. I hope that is not significant, and I don’t really se why that should matter. Are only children for some unknown reason destined to be spinsters all their life? What a horrid thought. Perhaps that is a subject for someone to do a Phd on.

      Also what is considered too few boyfriends in a lifetime? I could count them on one hand also. I never thought much of it until a friend said his sister had had “hardly any” boyfriends, how many I asked, about five was the reply. Is five really “hardly any”?

      As an aside the aforementioned sister divorced her husband and tried planktonhood herself for a few years. She is thin, attractive, out-going, lives in a major city and works in a job where she meets loads of new people, but has recently turned 40. What luck has she had with men? To answer that question I will tell you she is now going back to her ex-husband, and is lucky enough in that he does want her back.

      • MsHaversham to be says:

        Ah 29, what an age. Still in the 20s bracket and without the connotations which become attached in your 30s. I too started a significant relationship at 29. He was gone just after my 30th a year later. I’ve kept cosmetics in my bathroom for longer!

        You make an astute point, the nice guys out there don’t seem to want nice girls. I imagine
        lots of women have been passed over by
        these so called nice guys (perhaps we were
        all camouflaged against the magnolia wall?)
        for something more exotic or just weren’t
        even noticed.

        I’ve been thinking all morning about the only child bit. I only know two, myself and one other so can’t provide a valid study. But we are both single. Serially single with a few romantic interludes. Which brings me nicely on to your next point, how many relationships equate to too few? You can sometimes feel there is something amiss if you’re not constantly dating. I didn’t have a proper relationship until my 20s and was definitely viewed as strange for it. Of course if you have too many relationships……

        Ps Thank you for the hope

      • MissM says:

        Feeling there was something amiss by not constantly dating is exactly what I felt in my 20s when I seemed to be alone in being alone. There is actually a certain consolation now in knowing so many other women who are also plankton. But if you are not constantly coupled in your 20s you really do feel like a total freak because you are absolutely the only one in that situation. Of course I didn’t have the internet that allowed me access to a broader sphere of people as I do now, so perhaps it was something to do with the circles I moved in. Somewhat like believing I was short because everyone in my high school was taller than me, only to be amazed at college to find at least half the girls were either my height or shorter. Turns out my high school peers were just all above average in height.

        What is is about being an only child I wonder, it is not like you can even tell if someone is an only child without asking them.

      • june says:

        I think Miss M that sums it up. I dont think its us women at all, we sometimes lose track of how many of us there are,perfectly attractive, pleasant, spunky women all in same postion. It isnt our fault, maybe we forget that. .

        Your friends sister had everything going for her, younger than lots of us too but she couldnt meet anyone. Last year when her partner left her my friend begged,pleaded,humilated herself to get him back,he came, their relationship is up and down like a yoyo, but she couldnt face life on her own, and thought would never meet anyone else and shes only in her 40s, and is very attractive. I know of others in 40s convinced they will spend rest of life alone. Are there more women than men around do you think, are we just more discriminating, do we want more,do we have so many choices in this day and age, we are more likely to end up on our own, who knows.

        No i dont think being an only child makes you more likely to be on your own, i just felt it with MsHaversham to be when she said about her mum, mums of only children often worry so much more about children who dont get partners, especially girls, as they say how lonely they will be without a partner as have no siblings, mine did.

    • Patricia says:

      …..and I just love the idea of the spinster-sized bar of chocs or bag of crisps!! Still reading and still empathising and still smiling and still hoping – thankyou P x

      • MsHaversham to be says:

        Haha. We have spinster sized holiday prices (single supplements) so why not spinster sized edibles. They could be decorated in sacking and ashes. Perhaps with minature leper bells?

      • MissM says:

        Oh yes, miniature leper bells, definitely miniature leper bells.

    • Elle says:

      Welcome, Miss Haversham to be. Unless you live in Dublin 32 is far too young to give up hope. Imagine if marketers took your idea on and made spinster sized chocolate bars, tubs of ice cream, bags of crisps, bottles of vodka etc. How would they be advertised? Would anyone want to be seen buying them?

  • MsHaversham to be says:

    Sorry that should say ‘I should say I’m not hideous or fat’ and ‘so much travelling etc you can do’. Never type on an iPhone and fail to proof read.

    • Fi says:

      I’m sure I read recently that Judi Dench (age 76) has got a new manfriend.

      • june says:

        You did Fi , i read it too, did i give a bit of a hope to a slightly younger plankton such as myself. Not really, is he younger than her do you think id like to see what he looks like.

      • MsHaversham to be says:

        Lol!! At my dating rate I’m not sure I’ll find a chap before I’m 80 but thanks for the hope!

    • june says:

      Somehow i sensed you were any only child.

      Know what you mean about supermarkets, i often feel strange wandering around one on my own, i seem to be the only person. Last year a close friend of mines partner left her,my friend has a total horror of becoming a plankton, she is not close to her family, and she took it very badly,and went sick from work. That was one of things she said she hated going to supermarket alone, so much so, she didnt eat, only what i and other friends fed her and if she did go, i had to go with her.God knows how she thinks i survive,always having to go by myself. She spent endless hours at mine,asking me how could i stand being on my own in my flat, i pointed out i didnt have a lot of choice and what could i do, i couldnt invent a man,i am choosey and you just have to get on with it. She could not get on with it,and she begged,pleaded and humilated herself and he came back. Things have been dodgy with them since, but she is still terrified of becoming a plankton, and sometimes i can see why, especially as christmas approaches.

      I used to think better on your own than with the wrong person, now i no longer believe that, a mr half way right would be acceptable to me now, but he would have to be slim, a non smoker, solvent and younger than me,men of my age just leave me cold, See im still making conditions which means at my age,i havent got a hope, You might still have and you wont end up as MsHavisham. Hope so, but dont rule anyone out, i did, and it didnt happen often as i said, sometimes i think did i try hard enough,did i not just bother, was it me, as you say women much less attractive got someone.My friends tell me im a nice person, im witty, chatty, likeable, why the hell did it never happen,everyone manages it,some more than once and some, it just dosent happen.

      • Elle says:

        June, with respect, your standards are unrealistic. A woman in her early 20s would find it hard to meet someone who fits your requirements and that’s forgetting the age bit.

        Most women over 35 who are lucky enough to meet a good man end up with someone at least 5 years older and the age gap increases as women get older. Look at Paul McCartney and his new wife. If a single man over 40 is half ways eligible he can command an age gap of at least 10 years, that’s women in their late 20s. Men in their 50s want women in their 30s and no older. At 39 I am disappearing off their radar.

      • MissM says:

        To be fair Elle, while most men do seem to feel entitled to a woman half their age it is really only the very, very eligible ones that succeed. Paul McCartney is mega rich, of course he can get a much younger woman. He is not your average old age pensioner. An average man approaching 70 who is without wealth will have no such luck.

        Unfortunately, the average man hasn’t quite worked out that he is not as desirable as the men he sees in the media, and continues to expect that he will also be able to get some young woman just as Paul McCartney does. (Witness the fat men of PoF who request not fat women should apply, men can be rather delusional about their actual worth.)

        For a plankton, whether men can actually get younger women, or just think they can get younger women, the result is the same. Plankton are easily ignored while the average man, thinking he has the same chance as those fantastically rich men he sees in the media, endlessly and most often, fruitlessly, pursues something younger.

        I am still not prepared to stoop so low as to sleep with some disgusting old man no matter how much he thinks he is entitled to a younger woman. That is a case of “thanks but I’d rather be a spinster”.

      • maria says:

        Oh come on, aren’t you being a little melodramatic here? Things are not that bad. I for one, am a plankton, I go to the supermarket alone and I don’t care, I rather enjoy it.
        Sorry June, don’t mean any disrespect, but surely, there are worst things in life than being a plankton and not having a man.
        I won’t have any man that isn’t attractive, slim, has his hair and teeth, non smoker, has a good income (I live quite comfortably) and he must like animals, I love them, specially cats (talk about the spinster cliché).
        Does this mean I’ll be alone forever? Probably, but hey, f*ck it, I won’t have it any other way!
        Big kiss from Portugal,

  • Erin says:

    I’m so sorry, dear P – so very disappointing : ( But please don’t give up. You are an incredible woman with so much to offer. (Big hugs and just a wee bit more chocolate)

  • Barry says:

    I’m sorry I’m not single ! There are so many Planktons aimlessly swirling about , it must be Heaven for a Single Man these Days .

    But I digress, Arrete the booze P ! Chocolate Good, Booze..BAD … You are going to meet Someone this Christmas, and stun us all …I feel it xx

    • The Plankton says:

      Dear Barry, I admire your confidence and appreciate it, though I am not sure I share it. Thank you all the same. Px

    • Elle says:

      It has never been a better time for single men of a certain age. Thanks to all the plankton women milling about, younger women are falling at their feet anxious to avoid the plankton fate. If that’s not enough they can select a mail order bride from the internet or go on holidays to Thailand or South America where at a price their fantasies can be fulfilled.

      Plankton, by all means have some chocolate and vodka but I find it best to put a time limit on wallowing in misery. Don’t let Smidgen or LS be the cause of you putting on weight or suffering too many hangovers. You’ve suffered enough!

      • T Lover says:


        Wanted: vanilla relationship with one woman. It could be part or full time. I don’t want “desperate”.

        What am I doing wrong?

        On another planet? Me or you?

  • Ahh, Ms. Plankton, you did not engage in use of those specialty herbs from the Caribbean that I wrote about in response to “Breath Abated” on this past Fri. 12/02…. Wherever you are presently living within the United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland, it’s probably pretty easy to find them, and relatively inexpensively too… Some people find that it relaxes them, takes their minds away from the stress for a while…

    That’s what I usually do when a woman dumps me….

    Inhale… Exhale….

    : ( …. > : )

  • terracotta says:

    No I am sure you are not like elephant woman as suggested in your reply to my post. You are not writing for the Bromley Post or Aberdeen Press and Journal – you are writing for The Times! The world famous Times!! I’m reading about you in Houston Texas. I can’t believe Smidgen or LS never picks the paper up and thinks ‘mmm – sounds very familiar – havent I just sent an email to someone a bit like that?’ You have children – part of your brain will be on what’s for supper and the Sainsbury’s big shop – you won’t be totally prostrate. The other part will be caught up in friends and colleagues who know you write the column. In fact I can see it now ‘Plankton – the Movie’ (sort of Bridget Jones 10 years on) – I think it will be a total blockbuster amongst femmes d’un certain age. Plus you’ll get to meet all those creative director types and can be involved in the casting. That’s it – I can’t reply any more – Im just getting too involved and I’m supposed to be unpacking boxes.

  • rosie says:

    Or how about signing up to a dating site where you have affairs with married men? I was reading about it in today’s Sunday Times and considered it for, ooh, two seconds before it made me feel queasy. I couldn’t do it, partly because I can’t divorce sex from emotion (unless I don’t fancy someone), partly because I don’t want to give married men looking for a bit on the side the satisfaction and partly because I’d feel guilty about sleeping with said married men. Then again, given that the men have already been snapped up there’s a good chance they’ll be of a higher calibre than the dregs found lurking on ‘normal’ sites and it would at least serve as a reminder that, while you might be a plankton, your blood’s still warm and you’re not yet frightening the horses. But then again, no.

  • DAN says:

    And no im not going to say it !
    Instead i’m going to give you and all the other female ( and maybe male)
    planktons on reading this site a very informative advisory site to visit and sign into .
    The information concerned is invaluable to female planktons looking for a fullfilling and long term relationship with a member of the opposite sex, informing of the male phsychi !
    Go there i dare each and everyone of you !
    The site is- !
    ENJOY !


    • june says:

      I think the trouble Dan, especially with us older planktons, is actually catching one in the first place. Especially if like me you want a slim,non smoker, younger than me, solvent,and i said solvent,.not rich man. In my city not many around,and from what i read on here, in not many other cities either.

    • Elle says:

      Dan, thanks. There is some limited ashove on that site but most of the articles lead the sad, gullible and lonely female to links which promise more comprehensive advice – at a price which can run into hundreds of US dollars. For those signing up to the site, read the print carefully and inched any boxes offering you things you don’t want because it doesn’t come cheap.

    • Jane says:

      And the equivalent site for the men is……..,.? oh no, sorry, of course, no one has invented that because men can’t be arsed/don’t need it/wouldn’t lower themselves!

      • Elle says:

        The equivalent sites for men are PUA (pick up artist) sites where the aim is for men to learn how to “close the deal” ie get laid, in as short a period of time as possible without the inconvenience of having to buy the woman a drink. According to such sites only schmucks buy women dinner and a man who wants a committed relationship should be committed to an asylum.


      • maria says:

        Good one, Jane!

      • MissM says:

        Spot on Elle. I’ve noted the enormous number of sites that prey on women’s desire to find a partner, and the absolute absence of any at all of the equivalent for men. This simply has to be because they have no desire for a partner, at least there is no other reason I can see. It also goes to show just how bloody difficult it is for so very many women to find and keep a man, since there is obviously an audience for such sites or they wouldn’t exist. It amuses me somewhat considering that every study done on the subject has shown that men who are married live longer than those who are not. You’d think since it benefits them so much they’d have more interest in forming a loving relationship, but no.

  • MissBates says:

    Hi Plankton: Sounds like a typical Sunday afternoon chez Miss Bates to me! LOL! I do hope your weekend wallowing has served its purpose.

    And N.B.: See Dan’s comment above. I believe it proves my theory about men who don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re.” I’m just saying.

    • DAN says:

      Miss bate’s
      Apollogie’s fors all my bad’s grammer’s !
      As stated before’s ! ’tiss very hard to’s write when you’re pissed !
      But i’s bets you can still understand every word’s ive’s written down here.s ! (pun intented HA ! HA ! )
      The idea of a blog is to send and recieve comments and once the majority of people reading the blog can understand what is being said
      I have seen people having to correct there grammer here i dont know how many times because of embarrasment due to needless derogitory comments made by specific individuals.
      For christ sake get over it and enjoy the whole experience !
      It wouldent be much good if you went to a karioke party and everyone there were sopranos, altos or proffesional singers now would it ?
      It is the mirade of different singers that have the balls to go up there on that stage and attempt to sing a song even if they couldent sing a note .
      Thats what makes the whole experience so enjoyable .
      Now if you can immagine that somebody at one of these events started to shout up at a singer to shut the fuck up, get off the stage, or you cant sing for peanuts !
      How many people do you think would go up and sing afterwards ?
      So please all you planktons that have such a hang up on grammer !
      GIVE IT A BREAK ! Enjoy the blog for what it is as i dont think anyone is going to go back to college and get a degree just to write on a blog !
      This particular illitirate can boast to having 3 jobs, all of supervisory or managerial status, own my own house and am quite solvent.
      Young at heart and have put 3 of my offspring and of june 2012 my estranged wife through university.
      They and all the other people i come in contact with each and every day have no problem in understanding anything i have to say !

      My only fuck up was my marriage.

      Just saying !


  • rosie says:

    I love the way it’s always the woman’s fault: ‘hey ladies, sign up to my site and I’ll tell you what YOU are doing wrong and why you can’t keep a man’. No mention of the fact that many men still treat women like playthings and when they’re too old for that, like plankton. And no, I’m not bitter (trying not to be anyway), ’tis a known fact.

  • Lizzie from Oz says:

    Dear Plankton – I hope you are not going to dismiss those readers who asked you yesterday not to give up on LS so quickly. Are you sure he wasn’t just giving you lots of information about himself? If so, what was wrong with that? If you met him in person (a few months ago) and you were enthralled with him then, surely the face to face contact is more telling than his prose? And why can’t you write back and tell him all about yourself? (Assuming he doesn’t know much about you yet). Why not just keep it going and see what eventuates? Just wondering…….
    When you have finished the chocolate – (which I consider an admirable drug to be addicted to as an alternative to some others) – an explanation please……

    • The Plankton says:

      Dear Lizzie, I totally take your point. I shall send a very short email back to LS at some point over the next few days and see what follows on from that but, to be honest, I am not very bothered at this point if I never hear from him again though of course I won’t dismiss the idea if he suggests meeting for a cup of tea or something. He has my contact details. He can do the running. I shall be too busy smiling and waving! Px

      • Lizzie from Oz says:

        Okay then ……………… as long as you’re sure ………… (reluctantly sighs…)

  • maria says:

    Elle, don’t be so damn pessimistic. You’re still very young and I’m sure attractive, you’re not disappearing from anyone’s radar. You grant men too much importance and think very poorly of yourself. Who the hell said men are entititled women ten or more years younger? F*ck, this is the 21st century, we all have the same rights. Why don’t you try to find a younger man? I used to be hit on a lot by younger men, well into my early forties, and I assure you I’m no oil painting.
    All the best.

  • june says:

    Dear Miss M,

    Again you are in tune with me.

    Yes of course men like Paul MCartney, Mick Jagger etc. get younger women because they are rich. Does the average 70 year old old expect to get a 50 year old, yes unfortunately some of them do. Now as you know im a bit older than 50 but the 75 year old who messaged and winked at me on the website, whose wife had left him as she couldnt cope with his health problems, totally ignored my profile saying i wanted someone fit and active, and i was very young for my age. Men do seem to imagine however grotty someone much younger and i dont mean a few years, will want them. They are not rich pop or film stars, average women of my age dont want them they should get real.


    I am sorry but if wanting someone slim, a non smoker, solvent and in 50s rather than an ancient crone, is unrealistic then like Miss M ill stay a spinster, however lonely and difficult i find it. I have looked after myself as women do, and i am not going to lie back and think of England with some grotty disgusting old man who bloody well hasnt looked after himself.

  • I’ll right away grasp your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Kindly let me realize in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

    • The Plankton says:

      I am afraid I don’t but you can easily subscribe to the blog by clicking on Subscribe which is beside any of the posts. Let me know if you have any problems or frustrations with it. I hope that helps. Best wishes, Px

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