Rumble thy bellyful!

January 3, 2012 § 29 Comments

Yesterday I was musing about being buffeted by the windy will of Fate; today it’s a case of being buffeted by the windy will of the wind, full stop.

I hope today’s weather does not presage the general tone for the coming year, though why it should I have no idea.  Mood I am in.

I braved it to go to the bank and the supermarket and as I was being tossed in the hurricane and held in general contempt by the computer game mayhem of rain, I thought, just how long will it be before I find another twinkle, even?

It feels like never.  I know someone, more of a really nice acquaintance than friend, bit older than me, fifty or so I think, whose husband just fucked off one day.  About three or four years ago.  No warning.  She was devastated, naturally.  I heard a while back that she was with someone I know vaguely, an eligible bachelor.  And a few days ago, I heard they were getting married.

So, it’s one of those days.  The wind and rain like a Shakespearean omen; then a heart-warming story of hope which makes me feel if there’s anyone up there, maybe He has my turn up his sleeve?

Or, maybe the world doesn’t work like that and for some it is all ravens and Rumble thy bellyful!  Spit, fire!  Spout, rain!

Nothing for it but to wait and see…


§ 29 Responses to Rumble thy bellyful!

  • Lydia says:

    It will happen. You can make it happen. Every day think what have I done to make it happen. (I came off the phone to a new man about 5 minutes ago who wants to meet although as I’m on crutches I will probably put him off -but this does show there are men out there).

  • EmGee says:

    “…And a few days ago, I heard they were getting married.” That sort of information will always bring on the *Unnamed Dread*. Like the wind and the rain, this too, shall pass.

    Turn it around, and be genuinely happy for her and wish them the best. Positive, generous thoughts generally conquer dread.

    I respectfully disagree with Lydia, I don’t think it is possible to ‘make’ anything happen. It either will or it won’t, and not worth fretting over.

    • Lydia says:

      We can make all sorts happen in our lives. YOu choose to be a teacher and earn X. You choose to be a surgeon and earn Y. You never go out and keep your virginity for life and you’re not likely to have children etc etc. You wear sack cloth and ashes and grow your beard and men keep away.

      Of course chance comes into things but a huge amount of how our lives are is of our own doing.

  • Elle says:

    Thank you for the very clever Shakespeare link. Don’t feel bad for being depressed, today is officially the most depressing day of the year. I hope you find a man worthy of your intellect and brave spirit sooner rather than later.

  • rosie says:

    This grim-as-fuck weather is enough to make anyone want to slash their wrists. I don’t know how the UK has lower suicide rates – or so say the statistics – than Scandinavia. At least they have lovely summers when all we get is a mild version of our shitsville winters. People still talk about the summer of 1976, for goodness sake!

    And Lydia, please hobble off on your ‘crutches’ (unless I’m mistaken, you mentioned them before you went skiing, in which case…) and do one.

  • tvmunson says:

    I am not commenting direclty on yor immediate post, but on the entire premise of your endeavor. I misunderstood you; I learned about you at theprivateman and my impression was based on imprecise information. I wrote to you as Capt. Ahab; it was condescending, and wrong.

    In “Stranger In a Strange Land” the author introduces the Martian idea of “grok”. It means to understand profoundly through intuition or empathy. In my case, with respect you, it’s both.

    I tend to be maudlin and will resist it here. I will say that when the annals of the early 21st century are catalogued a place must be reserved for your unflinching account of your Van Shaclkleton’s voyage through the barren tundra of middle aged isolation. Courage takes many forms; yours denies itself even its own acknowlegment, insisting on facing life EXACTLY as it, engaging it in the soul of your very soul.

  • tvmunson says:

    Meant tp sauy with respect tp you. And edit feature would be great.

  • Barry says:

    Tonite , I received a call from my Dearest Friend in England. We discussed our lives thus far…two divorcees, and such . He is an executive with an international motor car company, long divorced, late 50s , clean shaven, caring and a wonderful friend , two children , 17 and 21, in fact, he replaces my gone to Hell Sibling .
    I asked ,as I always do , if he had found anyone, and he ,as he always does ,replied in the negative .
    He has “Friends”, but no one “Serious” as we “Men” say .
    I mentioned your Blog …really, I’m so fucking SAD these days …and he and I, giggled over the idea of me introducing you…anon…. to him…my Blood Brother .
    Fancy a date ? mail me ,
    i don’t know you, and don’t want to embarrass you, but as the ancient plaques read …”Your Story has touched my heart…” you know the punchline…but it’s an offer P . Nothing ventured , nothing gained …and you Both deserve a Twinkle”

    • The Plankton says:

      Dear Barry, Thank you so much. Your friend sounds lovely but I am still in the mode, for a little while longer and probably not for ever, of really wanting to meet a friend of someone I know. Narrow-minded and short-sighted of me, certainly. I am sure I will change my mind before long. Just need a little longer… But many, many thanks meanwhile. px

      • Barry says:

        But…but but …you DON’T know me , that was why I asked…you don’t have any excuse at all…do you ?

      • The Plankton says:

        No excuse, Barry, just this probably wrong-headed insistence, but only for the moment, that I meet a friend of someone I DO know. I really appreciate your offer though. Thank you. Px

      • Elle says:

        It’s up to Plankton if she wants to take up this offer of introduction or not. However, I think that single women, especially as we age, should explore every possible avenue and take up every reasonable offer of introduction. Every introduction is a possible friendship or business contact if nothing else.

        I find that one of the best ways of meeting potential partners is through friends and family but these days single men are few in Ireland so no introductions.

        I understand that Plankton may wish to retain a certain anonymity on her blog but if friends off the blog have any eligible friends I would advise her to accept any forthcoming introductions.

      • Lydia says:

        Good heavens. Surely that in effect means wants to be single for life. it’s a very strange requirement, surely – that you would only marry somieone a friend knows. Perhaps it’s the nub of the whole problem. May be if that psychologically can be cast off and Heaven forfend a plankton might meet a man who isn’t a friend of a friend the other 3 billion men on the planet might then become an available pool.

  • june says:

    Yes Plankton dear but how do we know what this man was like and if he would pass muster with any of us.

    Like you i feel boosted by these stories of people meeting someone and then these thoughts cross my mind, would i accept him, he could be overweight , very unattractive and a control freak, some women remember will put up with anything to have a man, we however will not, i think we do have to consider this.

    • Jo says:

      Oh lighten up June.

      • Margaux says:

        Well said Jo!

        For goodness sake June. Please don’t take offence but I feel that if you don’t start to change your thinking, nothing will change and you will never get off the starting block….

        Love a bit of Lear, P. Very apt for the inclement weather …

        Particularly amused by the Fool’s response to that speech:
        “He that has a house to put ’s head in has a good headpiece.
        The codpiece that will house”

        and on the same page,the website’s modern ‘translation’ of it :

        “Anyone who has a house to cover his head has a good head on his shoulders.
        The guy who finds a place to put his penis
        Before he has a house of his own
        Will wind up dirt poor and covered with lice”

        Don’t think June would like him much!

    • Sarah says:

      If the spark is there, June, you won’t care what he looks like. You’ll see what you want to see.

  • Steve says:

    Heaven forbid should anyone be unattractive or overweight, eh June? He could be a wonderful, warm human being, or is that not as important as looks?

    • joules says:

      I agree with Steve, does not matter regarding looks. Women find lots of things attractive in a man, sense of humour, warmth, etc. It takes all sorts. And frankly we are not in a position to judge. Barry’s friend sounds like a possibility. Though not sure if our lovely Plankton-in-chief would wish to reveal herself to someone. Understandably her anonymity is pretty improtant to her. At least that is my reading of her situation.

      • Lydia says:

        Well you balance it all at but obese people often end up together so they can spend their evenings eating cream buns or whatever they do and fitter people tend to marry. There is someone for everyone of whatever weight.

        One would hope that those of larger persuasion at New Year if they are finding it hard to find a partner might consider losing a bit of weight as part of their strategy.

  • june says:

    Sorry folks but you must all be a little bit choosey or you wouldnt be on your own either would you. After all lots of women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and types do find partners, none of us can, seems obvious to me why we havent. You really cant get upset about something that is staring us all in the face.

    • Jo says:

      ‘You must all be a little bit choosy ( not ‘choosey’ by the way), or you wouldn’t be on your own either would you’?.
      No June. People are on their own for all sorts of myriad reasons. Including being widowed. Being left when they had no reason to expect it. Being in an abusive relationship and finally finding the courage to leave after self worth/esteem/confidence has been ground down…..
      As I say. Any number of diverse reasons. May seem ‘obvious’ to you why ‘we haven’t found a partner’. But your comments are indicative of your own narrow vision and is – as usual- an insult to others’ situations and/or stories. May apply to you June, but (as ever) don’t tar every woman with your own -self -views and viewpoint.
      Generalisation based on self is your watchword. How dare you (constantly) speak for all of us and other women. It is your experience (narrow) viewpoints and yours alone. You are not everywoman. You may have your views. But they are yours and yours alone. Own them for yourself and don’t presume -as you ALWAYS do- that you speak for all of us. You simply don’t. I’m fed up to the back teeth of you always presuming to do so and taring us all with your limited, narrow, negative, generalised brush.

    • maria says:

      Well said, June. God forbid “old” women to be choosy, they must accept any ugly obese old man that comes along and be grateful forever that he agreed to f*ck her old carcass.
      But does the same rule apply to women? Hell, no! Women can’t let themselves go, must be attractive, slim, fit and overall fuckable.
      Bollocks to all of this!

      And P, you have all the right to decide whether you want to meet a man or not, even if he is f*cking George Clooney.

      • june says:

        Thank you Maria, i am getting rather fed up with being told at my age i should be prepared to accept anything. I am not overweight,i just dont fancy overweight men,why should i be expected to. ive looked after myself, why cant men. It isnt just me who feels this way,i was discussing it with a friend who is a fellow plankton last week,she feels same. At the POF disco,one of the women who belongs to the social group i belong to, a very attractive women,of nearly 60 who looks 10 years younger than her age, left early as she said men were disgusting and she is a much more down to earth person than me. It isnt just that they look ancient, they act it, dress it,have out of date attitudes to women. As lonely as it is id rather be on my own than have one of them and im not going to apologise for feeling this way,whatever Jo and others think.

        Men can get away with letting themselves go and still expect 30 year olds to fancy them, in no way do i expect a 30 year old to fancy me, i wouldnt be that stupid, However i would like someone in good shape, reasonable looking with modern attitudes to women and modern dress sense and if anyone thinks thats too much to ask, im sorry. i dont think it a lot personally, and im not apologising for it.

  • Jo says:

    Thank you Margaux, Sarah, Steve, Joules.
    These are really important -and valuable- points. Constant knee jerk negativity will not get anyone anywhere. Can become a habit. June.

  • Jo says:

    June. ‘………Whatever Jo and others think’?!!!
    I have never advocated that you just accept anyone. NEVER. Never have. Never would. To anyone. Baffled by your comment.
    Don’t ascribe such comments to me.

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