Ten Days

January 22, 2012 § 17 Comments

I emailed Long Shot on 13th January.

Today is 22nd.

A banal finale to a banal episode, if it can even be called an episode.  Fragment.  A banal finale to a banal fragment.

But we knew that all along.


§ 17 Responses to Ten Days

  • Lydia says:

    Email him again, say that you can’t stop thinking about him and that if you don’t say it he will never know. Say you want to meet but if he isn’t interested in that way then just tell you. Just be open and straight forward.

    Or may be he has emailed you to say as much today?

    Anyway there are huge numbers of fish in the sea presumably even at plankton level. Indeed without the plankton the whole sea subculture and even huge whales and sharks would not be here. If the North Sea is short of cod fish elsewhere. I bought an island in the Pacific. There are many fish in my waters. Mind you I much prefer Englishmen, they are wondeful. Lucky I to live amongst them.

  • Zambesigirl says:

    You guys are so judgemental – attacking the player and not the idea.

    I seem to remember a couple of loose facts from previous posts (Plankton, correct me if I’m wrong).

    Plankton waited a certain preconceived timeframe before replying to LS’s initial email.

    Plankton did not reply at all to his second email that was the cause of confusion and disappointment.

    LS lives some way away from P.

    He may still be on holiday or out of tech coverage. Of course, he may not.

    The point is, there is much we don’t know and it’s the assumptions and analysis that can drive us crazy. To that end, Lydia has a point. There are some people who prefer to minimize the angst by being more transparent or direct.

    Let’s not shout someone down because his/her modus operandi is different. We are all, at the end if the day, alone and with differing interpretations if what constitutes self-preservation.

    I wish you well P and enjoy your writing. I don’t really enjoy the aggro in some of the comments though. I can almost hear the strident, “Fuck off then” as the posse closes ranks. What a shame.

    • The Plankton says:

      Thanks for this, and a lot of what you say also makes sense. Who knows what is the actual case? But I did reply to his second email – very friendly, if brief. And he didn’t respond to that, though to give him his due it was a sort of signing off, I guess? Anyway, I wrote the recent email – after several weeks – so 2 emails from me, and nothing. Not looking great, it has to be said. There again, he may be offline…? Who knows? px

    • Jo says:

      No fuck off from me Zambesigirl. You do have a point. Absolutely.
      I should have made myself more clear. What I took objection to in Lydia’s comment ( and I have always defended her right to free speech here) was not so much the first part. That’s her perfectly valid opinion. No. It was the part about her buying an island in the Pacific (!). This is to go, I presume, with the other island she bought sometime ago.Which she wrote about (I can’t remember where it is). Before you say that she is joking, or being ironic. She is not. I thought that the last time and it became clear that she was not.
      It was this and the ‘huge number of fish in the sea, presumably even at plankton level’ et al that got my goat. Plus the whole sea subculture stuff.
      How does that help? Also, if there are these ‘huge numbers of fish around’… Why would this blog exist?
      I hope Lydia has great fun on her island.
      It’s still crap.

      • Jo says:

        I have got to say again Lydia – don’t want to goddammit, but simply must – if there are so ‘many fish in your waters’ along with the oft repeated narrative of how many others you have to wave away all the time, why on earth are you still (a) plankton? I’ve never known anyone who has to wade through so many men swimming about her. Since as far back on this blog as I can remember. I’m not being facetious. It’s a serious question. I find it baffling.

      • MissM says:

        Good question, Jo. Although I am certain Lydia is not a real person at all, it is worth noting that despite being so much better than us (according to her) and being surrounded by many lovely men (again, according to her) and being ‘a radiator and not a sink’ etc, she is still a plankton, same as the rest of us.

        Then again, maybe Lydia is an example of what happens when you are a plankton for long enough, you become completely and utterly delusional. She could be a very imaginative lady sharing with us the a high flying life of her dreams. A life with servants, and private islands, and over achieving children. A life where she has authored many books, keeps company with physicists, and where she can often be found singing obscure old songs at the piano. A life which is nothing like her real life at all, but it is made all the more real to her by writing about it here.

        I have to say she has a pretty good imagination.

      • MissM says:

        Oops, that should be ‘radiator and not a drain’, my bad. Since I have had to read it more than once you’d think I could get it right by now.

      • Zambesigirl says:

        Jo, I must admit I did skim read the latter section of Lydia’s comment and wasn’t at all thinking of it when I replied. The all important context!

        I do agree, the island thing is well beyond most of us to be considered a serious or helpful suggestion.

        I do think the issue that Plankton’s posts so wonderfully highlight, and allow us all to ponder, is probably our individual risk aversion/tolerance, especially in context of the prevailing values, mores etc. of the day. How far can we be pushed by desire to stare our own self-sabotage down?

        In P’s case, I personally think LS may be a little too slow to be a keeper, but I also can’t help but wonder if his long response that proved confusing so many weeks ago is a reflection of just how out of his depth he is. I just cannot imagine pouring so much time into an email if he wasn’t the slightest bit interest in something, even if, sadly,to his own end. The men I know simply wouldn’t bother.

        That’s where I happen to think a bit of straight talk helps enormously, especially laced with humour.

        I agonised over every nuance of a man for 15 years only to have him marry my marketing assistant. He consumed me and rendered me unavailable to anyone else, even regretfully, myself.

        I learned the hard way, you have to claim your space, your wants, your desires, your place to stand. There is dignity in that.

      • fi says:

        And don’t forget the travelling the world!!

  • EmGee says:

    I agree with Zambesigirl, LS is notorious for waiting ages before responding to email. On the (arguably) bright side, when he did last time, he poured it on.

    The only caveat I can think of is that this may be a precursor to having a relationship with him, if long periods of absence or inactivity would be unbearable, then perhaps he’s not the one.

  • Margaux says:

    Another vote for Lydia here this time!
    I too think, like Zambesigirl, that Lydia has a point.

    I realise it will not be everyone’s style – we Brits are past masters at keeping a lid on our emotions after all – but …there’s nothing more exciting than someone letting us know how much of an effect we have on them. And some people need it layered on like a trowel before they even realise.

    Being friendly is just that – being friendly. Being a bit more flirtatious is far more interesting to the recipient of our ‘affections’. Especially if they haven’t viewed us in that way already.
    Time to find your inner sexgoddess, P. If this one comes into view again anytime soon – and who knows, he might …a little upping of the tempo may be required.

  • Jo says:

    Lydia. Would you like to answer my – very valid – question?

  • Jo says:

    I guess that’s a no then.
    What a surprise. Not.
    You never do.
    Got your number ‘Lydia’. You are not real at all. A fake.

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