You Didn’t Think…

February 5, 2012 § 16 Comments

I was going to post today there, for a moment, did you?




§ 16 Responses to You Didn’t Think…

  • John says:

    you never dare let us down…….lol

  • Caz says:

    I’m just sorry it was such an excellent meaty one P which would have provided good novel fodder with all your loyal followers out there in the ether musing on their replies after Sunday lunch…(sorry – no pun intended!)……but well done and I agree with all you say.
    So many people vaguely talk about finding someone for you but very few go to that trouble…and one doesn’t like to remind them for fear of seeming desperate!

    • The Plankton says:

      Totally agree. You can say once or twice, “Do you remember you said you were going to introduce me to that man you mentioned who sounded so nice…?” but then there is nothing more you can do. I wish people wouldn’t say they were going to rather than saying so and not doing so. Much worse, somehow. xx

  • ToneDeafSinger says:

    Sorry, I do not understand this post. “was going to post today there…” where?

  • James45 says:

    I have only been following this blog for a couple of weeks and slowly getting the idea of what is unfolding. As a newby to all this being middle aged and single I came ocross what I personaly think has hit the nail on the head as being a major issue for middle aged singles looking for a real relationship.
    You only need to read half way to get the idea.

    • EmGee says:

      Jame45, thanks for posting this. I have said often that people need to get honest with themselves or they will find themselves doing exactly what Dr Jordan suggests; “looking in the wrong place for the right answer. ”

      Once you are truly comfortable in your own skin, you will not only have an easier time in the dating scene, you will find the need to be with someone else less strong, because you won’t need to find validation, love, comfort, etc from someone else, because you’ll already find it from within.

      It takes a lot of work though, and one has to continue to maintain that sense of well being. Welbriety, is what I call it.

      I would love to have a permanent, loving relationship, but like many posters here, it doesn’t define or depress me, and otherwise I enjoy life, my friends, my work, etc.

      My my Ms P, what a lot of responses to a ‘non Post’, you didn’t think we’d not respond, eh? 😉

      • James45 says:

        Sorry, has my input on this highjaked the blog a little. My god, same as in real life for me, going off on a tangent, LOL.

        EmGee your correct, thats what I took from it. Having realised I should have been true to my self 16 years ago, but older is wiser, cant turn the clocks back can we.
        I best stop adding to this before I get asked to leave and join the up to date entries. sorry P

      • The Plankton says:

        No need to apologise! Thank you for the comment. Px

  • Fi0na says:

    James45 that was entirely relevant and interesting. I think I have been dating a closed shop for 10 months.

    • MissM says:

      Eek, that doesn’t sound good, Fiona. I wonder, are you supposed to wait patiently till it opens or is there a way of knocking on the shutters to get their attention?

    • James45 says:

      FiOna, sounds like a trip down the high street into a different shop. Having just read your blog, I know they say women and men are from Venus and Mars but there is a bit more to some men than being satisfied in bed from time to time to keep us quiet. We arent all neanderthal but please do remember, we are from Mars, LOL.

  • fi0na says:

    James45 does my blog inadvertantly advocate the once a week “putting the bins out” & “keep everything running smoothly” type of approach? 🙂

    • James45 says:

      FiOna, not quit putting the bins out but you do come over as somebody very much in control of there life and feelings. Do I take it your a Libre. Don’t take anything I have to say to hart as I’m not exactly an expert just an observer.

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