February 9, 2012 § 44 Comments

Forgot to say: if posting is a bit haphazard over the next few days – odd timings etc. – forgive me.  It’s half-term so less easy to be reliable!  Will do my best not to be too unpredictable and I fully intend to keep posting a good while before midnight each day… but…



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  • EmGee says:

    Thanks for the head’s up[. There’s plenty of fodder for us in previous posts to keep us busy. Enjoy having the kids around!

  • The Plankton says:

    Will do, and thank you! xx

  • You’re still the fifth website that I look up each morning- After I read through the world’s news stories from The Times online, then I read through the BBC news website, then I perouze the RTE news and the CBC news (Canadian braodcast news) websites, and then I look up the latest posts about the mating efforts of the sexual plankton….

    • fi says:

      God I’m totally sucked in and its the only one I look at. I’m now at the stage of (almost) thinking I know you all… I need to get (more of) a life. I get the alerts pinging all day and read them between meetings.

    • MissM says:

      It’s the first website I look at each morning, most mornings I can’t even wait until I’ve had breakfast. The more I see of world news the more I realise it is essentially the same thing over and over, with only the names changing, and none of it is ever good. Has there ever been a year where military conflicts, corrupt politicians, and some natural disaster that kills a lot of people did not feature in the news? Not exactly the sort of thing I want to start the day with.

      • fi says:

        I feel the same. I remember my granny stopped watching the news and I am watching it less and less now. Its just the same thing over and over again but with different names. And really we have no control anyway. Plus I find now I’d rather focus on the nice things in life that make me happy rather than things that make me miserable. Maybe its a sign of my age.

      • fi says:

        Plus what’s rubbish eventually works out ok. And what’s good eventually turns rubbish. You just have to hang in there and ride the waves. Imo

      • Jo says:

        I often say to my daughter that it’s called ‘news’.
        So why does it always have to be purely BAD news? There must surely be some news out there to cheer the heart? Rather than wholly death, doom and disaster. (Not talking about a ‘tag-on’ thing at the end sometimes, about a singing pet or some such..).
        I think there was a newsreader – Martin Lewis? – who made a case for including some good news and was duly sacked!

  • Jo says:

    Nah. We’re not!
    I tend to have a quick look in the morning. Then again at lunchtime. Then they’re all saved up ’til early evening. When there’s a delicious long list. Fab!

  • Lydia says:

    Have a good time. I have worked full time every half term for the 27 years I have been a parent. Is that a record? Most people cannot afford to take them off so those who can are in a lovely position – should make them happy to have such time and income to enable it. Look always on the bright side.

    • Jo says:

      I don’t think anybody said anything about affording to do so, Lydia.
      Plus. ‘Every half-term for 27 years’?
      How long were your children at school for?!

      • fi says:

        Ah no Jane, not a better person at all. I’ve just gone past the irritation phase and the thinking she is a man (which I was saying weeks ago), and have now moved on to being intrigued by her. Plus I think she uses this place a bit like tvmunson does – to be provocative and reinforce his/her sense of superiority. The last thing Lydia wants is people being glad they AREN’T her.

      • Jo says:

        I’ve given up on “Lydia’. I was like you Jane, then decided she really wasn’t worth the internal fury she produced.
        Like Fi, I think she enjoys being provocative and every rise is another delicious pleasure for her. I now only ask the occasional question. As above.
        Which is rarely answered anyway.

      • fi says:

        Meant to explain that I’m intrigued by the question as to why a clever sensible woman who knows that she’s irritating everybody, and what she is doing that’s causing that reaction, continues to do it. I mean why would you? Why keep posting if nobody agrees with you, says anything nice to you, accuses you of being smug/superior/ a snob and doesn’t engage in a pleasant way with you. I wouldn’t bother I’d just go elsewhere. Yet she’s still here churning out the same old stuff. I am intrigued by that. I just find it quite interesting how people use this space for different reasons – some to boast, some to moan, some to engage with similar people, some to get an insight into what the other sex thinks. Or to boast as lydia does, or be provocative like tvmunson.

      • MissM says:

        Judging by the quality of her writing I’m not sure I’d call Lydia all that clever, Fi. Had she really published anything her editor would have been forced to rewrite virtually everything. But I agree on the different reasons for using this site that you suggest. My personal guess on what ‘Lydia’ uses it for is to be provocative, no different to ole tv, except that Lydia cares not for any back and forth discussion, but rather hopes to set off a domino like reaction amongst the rest of us as a result of just one post. More like seeing how many fish can be hooked with just one cast.

    • Jane says:

      SHUT UP!!!!!!

      • Jane says:

        That was @ Lydia, not you Jo

      • fi says:

        Assuming lydia is indeed real (ie a woman who lives her life as she says she does) then I’m beginning to feel sorry for her. What does she DO with her life? She appears to have no friends (other than a couple of men she refers to and my guess is they aren’t friends so much as older men who mentor her) and she doesn’t appear to do anything outside the home with anyone other than her children. If she isn’t working then she’s on the computer. And since she lacks the ability to make friends with other women, and sees no value in it, my guess is that she’s probably never really had friends. I suspect that she had male friends when she was younger who found her exciting and a challenge, but I bet they dropped off when they got girlfriends/wives who didn’t like lydia, as she wouldn’t have hesitated to make it clear to them that she was top dog.

      • Jane says:

        Fi,you are obviously a way better person than me. Yes if one were to psychoanalyse Lydia ( assuming she actually exists in real life)then I am sure one could come up with all sorts of sympathy inducing arguments,your summing up is very astute. However that doesn’t alter the fact that she gets on my damned nerves. She is supposed to be an intelligent woman, so why can she not work out that she is very irritating and far from everyone thinking what an absolute star she is, they just think she is a pompous,smug,self congratulating pain in the arse. She is of course free to have her say as the rest of us are and I guess I should be the bigger person and just ignore her, which I am now taking a pledge to do, but she really makes me want to slap her!

      • Jo says:

        I realised that Jane. Thank you tho’!

  • Jo says:

    Jane. I’m referring to your ( funny) SHUT UP!
    Can be annoying when your comment pops up out of order. Even when you’ve clicked the right place! Hey ho.

  • rosie says:

    Meanwhile, ‘Lydia’ kicks back and enjoys the show. If you really do want her to go away, ignore her.

    • MissM says:

      That would work. Unfortunately it is rather difficult to co-ordinate every reader to refrain from responding to trolls. Even once all the regulars recognise Lydia as a troll, someone new is bound to come across the site, feed her some scrap of attention, and we are off to the races again. It is probably easier to skim or ignore her posts altogether.

      • MissM says:

        I just re-read that and realised it makes no sense. I mean ignore her from the individual reader’s point of view, rather than trying for a total ‘en masse’ ignore with the aim of making her go away. I think I’ll shut up now before I make an even bigger mess of this post.

      • Twinkletoes says:

        I knew exactly what you meant, Miss M. The more I read of Lydia’s ramblings, the more I am convinced she is a troll. My dear old mum used to say “don’t rise to it, you’re only lowering yourself to their level”, because you’re giving them the response they are trying to provoke. Wise words, long before the internet was born.

      • MissM says:

        Thank you Twinkletoes, and your mum was a wise woman indeed. I prefer that the trolls are on the internet instead these days, I think it is much easier to ignore a piece of text than a person in your actual presence.

      • Jo says:

        Yep. Skim or ignore. That really is the way MissM.

    • Jo says:

      Agreed Rosie. That’s what I’ve chosen to do. (Bar the occasional, brief question.).

  • Steve says:

    I’m surprised she has a broadband connection. It’s amazing what you can get on desert islands these days….

  • Half term? You mean you have young children? Can’t believe that I was ever interested in YOU…

    -Do guys really say that to you?

    • The Plankton says:

      No. Never. And if they did? They could bog off.

      • My interpretation of the first article that you wrote in The Times last year was that you were actually meeting men, and whenever you revealed to them that you are a divorcee, you are somewhere in your mid 40’s and that you are raising young children by yourself, you discovered that those are what you seem to describe as being the magic words which will instantly frighten away any man alive today. Which did surprise me to be honest, because while I cannot speak on behalf of anyone else, personally it takes a lot more than that to frighten me away, those three facts alone would not turn me off to a woman who I find interesting…

        It was not until I started reading through your daily entries in this blog site that I learned that you’re only meeting men once or twice per month on average….

  • The implication of the first article which you wrote in The Times last year, unless I misread it was that no, men don’t actually say to you directly “…you mean you have young children? Can’t believe that I was ever interested in YOU…” but they did not have to, it seemed that they were clearly losing interest in you when they discovered that about you….

    Their loss, Ms. Plankton…..

    • The Plankton says:

      I have to say I don’t recall any man going off me because I have children. Not being attracted to me because I am middle-aged, yes, but not running a mile because I have kids. Not as far as I remember…?

      • Ah hah!! Then for the past half a year, I have been sort of misinterpreting your blogpage- I’d thought that you thought that it was the combination of you being in your mid 40’s PLUS being a divorcee AND ALSO having young children which was sort of the “perfect storm” of combination of factors which will frighten away all men these days; as if one or two of those factors alone would not frighten men away, but combine all three of them, and we’ve created the sexual plankton…

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