Legacy of Lattes, Oh, and a New Twinkle…

March 16, 2012 § 28 Comments

The date disappointment recedes, and remains but a residue like some silty sediment on the inside of a text tube following an evaporation experiment.  A whole new twinkle hoves into view, exceedingly faint at this point, but a twinkle nonetheless.  A potentially sparkly one, though at this point I am keeping my hopes and expectations very much locked up in a tiny trinket box.

Meanwhile, I press on.

Yesterday I did a cookery course, tra la!  I had persuaded two friends, both astonishingly good cooks, to do a day-long course for six of us who had got stuck in a rut.  I spent a joyful day in the company of seven good friends cooking simple but fabulous food.  I felt guilty that I had taken the day off work but I thought fuck it, this is going to benefit my children big time and I also thought fuck it, if I don’t have a man in my life and the odd treat, well then I might as well crawl into a hole sooner rather than later.

Having said that, I am not a woman who feels she is entitled to lollop from treat to treat, who chain-treats herself like other people chain-smoke, because she has fuck all else to do, because she is brain dead and because she thinks she’s too bloody worth it.  Apparently the banker’s wife in John Lanchester’s brilliant new novel Capital is of this opinion of herself, treat to treat to treat, and nothing in between.  Inspired creation of his, by the sounds.  Oh, he is brilliant!   I haven’t read it yet but I have read his others and cannot wait to do so.  It is on my bedside and I am yet quite to reach it, though I am nearly there.

No.  Big treats and holidays are few and far between and I couldn’t care less.  When they happen, I enjoy them but I am not of the mindset that I cannot do without them.  Small ones are nice though.  The night before last my oldest best friend came to stay – we stayed up talking and giggling till fuck knows what time, like schoolgirls, bliss!  Followed by a day with a clutch (cluck?) of girlfriends warmly chatting and making and eating an epic spinach pie is my idea of a serious treat.  (The secret is a few anchovies thrown in.  They don’t really taste, you couldn’t even quite put your finger on the fact that they are there, but they enhance the whole enterprise astonishingly: who’d have thought it?).  This weekend is another family birthday (one of my children).  There’s going to be a huge Sunday lunch here (please expect a paltry post that day; cooking like a mad woman) and a girlfriend has just given me a new bundle of free Hot Drink vouchers from my local cafe.  No end of blessings, in fact, each one being furiously and diligently counted!

So whilst Long Shot has not proved to be anything more than I expected and my whole being clearly did fuck all for him which was underwhelming for the self-esteem to say the least, I am finding consolation elsewhere and, as I say, very much pressing on.

Even if I am not allowing the new twinkle to put a spring in my step.

At any rate, not just yet…


§ 28 Responses to Legacy of Lattes, Oh, and a New Twinkle…

  • Amanda says:

    My goodness you sound in a chippa mood, and I’m taking on board the anchovies tip – but could I fool a vegetarian? Is the alternative plain old heart destroyer salt? Have a lovely weekend x Plus, I meant to always say, if you ever feel you can’t be bothered to blog everyday, you have never got to apologise to us lot, just f**k us and have a day or two off. I’ve just realised I can’t even swear in writing – something to think about.

    • The Plankton says:

      Thank you so much. I have kind of made it my mission to blog everyday, though it is a foolish and pointless one, and one which I may not stick to for much longer as it is preventing me, somewhat (though may just be my excuse) from writing a book, which is madness. I have to say, weekends can be quite challenging. Maybe I shall risk a postless weekend this weekend, as long as no one will think I have topped myself!? Pxx

    • RS says:

      Oh, I’m going to be really annoying here and express my dismay that someone would try to “fool” a vegetarian into eating something they feel isn’t right to eat.

  • rosie says:

    Here’s to the New Twinkle and Long Shot can stew in his own social ineptitude!

  • Lydia says:

    Yes, you have to count your blessings. I always say that. Most of us have a lots to be happy about and happiness is not related to marital state (except statistically women have worse mental health in marriage and men the opposite, so I suppose it is… avoid marriage and be happy).

    There are lots of good men so I am sure you can seduce and entice the new one.

  • You made your spinach and anchovies pies on Thurs. 03/15?

    You and your friends were one entire day late, international pie day was on Wed. 03/14… …. …..

  • EmGee says:

    A positive attitude, and a new twinkle! Somehow I think the anticipation of one results in the other being a little shinier, but there is no doubt that a day spent learning something new with friends, taking a day off, having a night of girl talk, more coffee vouchers – well short of a man in the mix somewhere – life doesn’t get much better than that.

    I will remind you of this day, next time you go all negative on us and start dissing blessings. 😉

  • Dawn says:

    Woot woot! Twink on, Plankie!

    It sounds like you’re having a good time even twinkle-free. Good to hear.

  • RS says:

    Twinkles are what make life interesting. Although the spinach pie does sound like it could be a close second!!
    Glad you seem in a brighter mood.

  • Catherine says:

    Enjoy the pre-twinkle engagements. At the end of it all, these are the people our lifeblood rushes through. One of the things planktonhood has gently informed me is how long is takes to really get to know another human being. It makes one slightly unwilling, with so many well-worn friends within reach.

    I’m glad you’ve bounced back.

    • The Plankton says:

      Thank you, Catherine xx

    • Lizzie says:

      Well said Catherine!
      It takes years to really know someone, really know them into that level or pure comfortableness, easy silences, knowing how they are feeling, just simply being on that same page.
      That’s half the reason a mid-life relationship is so daunting.
      But on the other hand, there ARE those people with whom you instantly ‘click’.
      We can only hope that a male version of instant rapport crosses our path. Something that is increasingly difficult in these days of superficiality, media influence, the youth factor, porn and cycnicism.

    • Fi0na says:

      Catherine. So true about the new twinkle relationship forming effort vs easy company of old friends x

  • Margaux says:

    Glad a new twinkle has put a spring in your step – now all we need is some spring weather too!
    Going to check out John Lanchester – I do love book recomendations …

  • I know that most countries in Europe write the date with the day first, and then the month… Does this mean that you guys do not celebrate International Pie Appreciation Day on March 14th each year over there?

    • fi says:

      Never heard of it I’m afraid. 🙂

      • Fi, see it’s a play- on- words. The constant which is used in many mathematical equations, which is referred to with the Greek letter “Pi” is often shortened to 3.14.

        In the Americas, we write the date with the month first, and then the day. Therefore, March 14th, is written as 3/14. It’s more or less an excuse for us to eat everything from pizza pies to pot pies to cherry pies, apple pies, blackberry pies, blueberry pies, pumpkin pies, banana cream pies, lingonberry pies, pear pies, marionberry pies, loganberry pies, raspberry pies, poisobberry pies, etc. for dessert.. …. Use just a little bit of imagination, you’ll probably get the idea…

        Purists may wait until 1:59 AM or 1:59 PM to celebrate, I’m not sure about that part….

      • Ah yes, and did I forget to mention, of course, spinach and anchovie pies…

      • fi says:

        Scott. That is so-o-o unfunny ……….

      • fi says:

        I’ve read the link. And seen the photo of its organiser. Pi day: started by a physicist who got other physicists to walk in a circle then eat a Pie. We don’t have that here as far as I know but maybe I move in different circles. Thank god

      • RS says:

        Actually Scott not all countries in the Americas write the date that way. Canada tends, when using all digits, to use the English way… so March 13 is 13-03-2012. But because all things American (USA that is) ride roughshod over things, sometimes you will see it done the way it is stateside.

      • T Lover says:

        Apropos not a great deal other than a bit of silliness, I was brought up near Denby Dale in West Yorkshire and Denby Dale used to hold the record for baking/cooking the world’s biggest pie. The last pie festival was in millennium year and the pie supposed to weight 12 tonnes – slightly less than the avearge weight of the women I now see in my local shops.

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