Lazy Day Post

March 17, 2012 § 31 Comments

I am here but having been doing a certain amount of cooking for tomorrow, rather slumped and eggy-headed (not headachy, more sleepy) and unable to write a great deal.  This is just to say, I am here, if only briefly, and tomorrow I may not make it at all (entertaining!) for which apologies in advance.

One of my best (male) friends, namely BF, who knows and likes Long Shot, has just been on the telephone to me for 45 minutes to hear about the Date.  He is loyally optimistic and thinks it very unlikely that LS doesn’t fancy me, while I assure him it is all too obvious that he roundly does not.  But BF is very sweetly determined that I might be the woman to change his spots and even become Mrs Long Shot.  I don’t think so, only, possibly, if I had the confidence and chutzpah to bludgeon my way in like a shameless hussy, which I so far from do not.  But I have said, over to you, BF.  I am bowing out myself but I will enjoy the sport of it.   If BF can effect a miracle and can prompt in LS a desire to beat a path to my door, then I won’t actually slam it in his face when he arrives.  But I am leaving it entirely in BF’s hands.

He can give it a go.  Nothing will happen but I am happy for him to try.  Not bothered by the outcome.  Rather blase, you see, now that I might be in possession of quite a different twinkle…?

§ 31 Responses to Lazy Day Post

  • EmGee says:

    Wise decision, Ms P.
    LS is a lot of work for little reward, if your b(m)f wants to try and make something happen, more power to him.

    There is a degree of irony though, that men usually moan about women trying to change them, and here’s one thinking you are the One who can change LS.

  • Catherine says:

    I think blasé is the way. Interesting that your BF is so willing to pull some strings. While as you say it may all fall flat BF does know the workings of his mind. And yet, I’ve had this situation before and began to think that my LS would become an inevitable thing. It did not. Therefore, blasé.

    Enjoy your feast tomorrow after all your hard work.

  • Elle says:

    Happy St Patricks Day, Plankton! Your friend is very good but is LS worth the effort? Most of the men who were pushed hardest at me by their friends and family ended up breaking my heart. Perhaps BF thinks that you, being a good woman, can change LS spots. It’s amazing how naive men can be about their friends. You need to move on, P, and if LS is interested he will let you know. He isn’t a three year old who needs others to decide what’s best for him. More importantly, you can’t afford to waste any more effort on him.

  • Erin says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the new twinkle! Have a great weekend, P : )

  • Lydia says:

    Yes, if someone wants you they will make it clear. Always go by conduct not words and there are plenty of men around. Just hunt down another.

    (No one expect teeenage girls talks for 45 minutes about one dinner with a man surely? You want to say – get a life.)

    Try bikram yoga again. I just got back from it very stretched.
    Herpes Man is going just to have to be a friend which is a great pity but the STD just tipped the balance for me. The other one very keen this year is married. So I suppose being little Miss Pollyanna that means if in 2 months I can find two men suitable except on certain material matters like that there are many more out there to seek.

    (If LS thinks you might otherwise be spoken for he might be more interested. Simple jealousy sometimes works)

  • RS says:

    I amd with Elle on this. I really think you need to give up on LS even if your friend is weighing in and willing to try some wrangling.

    LS will not change. He won’t.

    A relationship with him will be equally as frustrating – likely even moreso – as this acquaintance is because you’d be dealing with his idiosyncracies on a daily basis.

    The fact that he keeps coming up, over and over, in posts, in conversations with your friends, indicates that you are not blasé about him in the least.

    I hope the new twinkle takes over soon, because I don’t see any joy coming out of the LS obsession long term.

    Sorry to be so blunt. Have fun with all the cooking and prep and celebrations!

  • rosie says:

    For what it’s worth, P, I think you should chalk Long Shot up to experience too … and tell your BF to forget about trying to hook him in. He knows him as a fellow male, not as a potential romantic partner – a completely different planet.

    You are far too good for all that bullshit and even he does ‘come round’ he sounds like bad news and will probably end up destroying you. Please don’t go there. I did, and very nearly didn’t come out the other end.

    Apologies for the sermon!

  • fi says:

    Oooh I cracked it tonight. Had both a 70 year old millionaire AND a 29 year old ask me out. The 70 year old said he’d give up going to Thailand for me and the 29 year old had spent the evening in a lapdancing club where he paid 20 quid for a 6 minute lap dance, which apparently was a waste of money as he could switch to channel 922 on sky and get it for free. Choices choices, what’s a girl to do? I know!! Go home alone!

    • Joules says:

      Good choice.

    • maria says:

      Wow Fi, I’d give both of them a go!

      • fi says:

        Nah. Really? Picky that’s me…:) no wonder I’m a spinster!

      • fi says:

        I mean – a 70 year old that visits young thai girls for ‘company’ and a young man so jaded sexually that he’s bored by a naked real life woman 6 ft from him and resents paying for what he can see for free anytime he wants, are not really what I’m looking for.

      • fi says:

        Just got home to find a voicemail from the millionaire asking me out to dinner. I didn’t give him my number but he’s tracked me down since last night. Now its not going to happen, as this is a man who is 20 years older than me, and therefore far too old for me, and if I became interested in him despite his age then it would only be whoring. I’m just giving this update because this is my experience of what a man does when he’s interested in a woman who he speaks to for enough time to make his mind up. He does the chasing and leaves you in no doubt he’s keen. I think if you’re chasing him or not getting these signals then he’s not interested so I think its better to save yourself the heartache and look elsewhere.

    • Elle says:

      They’re both a sign of the times. Go for the 29 year old but don’t expect it to last.

      • Lydia says:

        The millionaire won’t last that long and the 29 year old presumably is more sexually active. Try both although I can see that neither are ideal.

        Am trying to work out what Nigel Lawson’s lover sees in him. Her father doesn’t approve. The 40 something is very very rich in her own right and has I think teenage children. Hopefully it won’t last.

      • fi says:

        Too late… 🙂 besides I have Tlover

    • Elle says:

      Go to dinner with the 70 year old, it could be fun. You can have the 29 year old for dessert 🙂

  • Joules says:

    Dear P and all mums on here.

    Hope you have a good mother’ day.

    And would like to say that I agree with almost everyone here and even it appears yourself, LS as a romantic interest is a waste of space. He may be an interesting friend in time. On to bigger and better things.

  • J says:

    I appreciate that this doesn’t tie in with P’s original post, but I thought I would add this link to an article in the Daily Mail this weekend:

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