Plankton Wedding

March 19, 2012 § 8 Comments

I learned today that a divorced friend got married a few days ago and is pregnant, yipidedoo.  It has to be said she was never a true plankton because she always seemed to find men in a way that defied belief.  Younger than me, that had got to be it.  (By about twelve years, I am guessing).  I don’t know her enormously well, but pretty well, and I like her.  I met the boyfriend (now husband) once at a gig a few months ago and he struck me as the warmest, friendliest person I had met in a long time.  He seemed properly good and kind and winning.  It was an intuitive feeling I had and she told me I was spot on.  She has had her fair share of hell (nightmare substance-abusive ex-husband; single mother, no money; ill parent etc).

In fact, she has just rung me and she sounds so incredibly happy.  She cannot believe the turn her life has taken.

This is a plankton happy ending, even if she was only ever a quasi plankton.

Still.  Good news where you can get it.


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