March 25, 2012 § 21 Comments

I maintain that I don’t watch much telly though I have admitted to Downton and to Homeland.  My children have belatedly introduced me to Miranda and have been making me watch series 1 and 2 on DVD.

She was wonderful in The Midwife (the best thing about it in fact).  I have watched some of the episodes of her own show more than once now – something I  never normally do, but children want to see them again and again and are very persuasive – and I laugh and laugh every time.  I think she’s a fucking genius. I love her honesty about being a single woman, so much so I long to meet her in real life and howl with laughter about the horrors of it all.  I don’t know how much of the character in the series is the real her but I am guessing quite a lot, and I know that she would be, as her screen mother’s catch-phrase goes, “Such fun!”.  Miranda flags up what so many single women go through, voices what so many single women are thinking, and goes to all the places that single women are not allowed to go.  And I identify with it all.  I wonder how on earth is resonates with my children, but they seem to get it and love it too.

I cannot wait for the next series (is there to be one?).  Gary is such a sweetheart and it is so obvious they are meant for each other.  We all need to see her get him in the end.  We just do.


§ 21 Responses to Miranda

  • EmGee says:

    Sounds like a delightful series. Wikipedia has a nice informative page on it, search: Miranda (TV series). The trailer I found didn’t look very promising though,

    • MissM says:

      I’ve seen a few episodes and it didn’t make me want to see more. I am given to understand that Miranda is very popular though, it was just not to my taste. Everyone has a different sense of humour and my preferred comedies are Black Books and The IT Crowd which I will happily watch more than once.

      • The Plankton says:

        Black Books was fantastic, completely amazing. I am still in love with Dylan Moran. I saw him on his recent tour and he made me laugh so much I thought I might be sick. Px

  • rosie says:

    I listened to the Joke Shop on R4 a few times and liked that. Would watch the TV show too on this recommendation but am such a Luddite I don’t even own a DVD player and the CD/DVD slot in my lovely Macbook is bust seeing as I dropped it on the tiled floor in Starbucks’ toilets, two weeks after buying it.

  • joseyjo says:

    I whole heartedly agree with you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miranda! She is so real, funny, warm, scatty and mad. Such fun!!!!

    • joseyjo says:

      By the way, that is me, previously JoJo on here, but somehow I have managed to change my name without realising, and now a picture has popped up of me……how the hell did I manage to do that?!!!

    • Jane says:

      Yes it’s all gone a bit weird on this site recently, hasn’t it? I now find I post under the name I originally tried to set the account up in, but which has never come up as my identity until now. Added to the fact that when I try and click ‘post comment’ it tells me I have to log in.
      Errm Jo, you may want to try and alter the way your post comes up, it gives your e-mail address and your personal profile as well. BTW, if you are over 50…you’re looking damned good girl!

      • Jo says:

        Hi Jane. It’s not Jo. That’s me!
        Just needed to clarify, so it was very clear.and not misunderstood. joseyjo, or Jo-Jo is NOT me. Jo.
        I have no picture and I will not be here again for a long time. While I tend to my ill friend.
        Just wanted to make that clear.

      • The Plankton says:

        I am sorry about this, Jane. I haven’t a clue what’s causing it but I will look into it. Px

      • joseyjo says:

        I am 53, but feel 43!!

        I’m not too sure how I get rid of all that info now, as I am not sure how it got there in the first place….oooerrrr!! I think it maybe that I started to write a blog too, and was trying to find ways of linking it up to other profiles, which may be how I inadvertently did it. I’m still learning 🙂

  • Jane says:

    Oh, and here I am back to the ‘old’ name and not the smart arsey one I tried to set up..oh well!!

  • Jo says:

    Last thing Jane.
    Do you mean MY email address and personal profile comes up?..
    How? From where?!!!
    Bloody hell.

  • Jo says:

    Well it doesn’t matter. Whatever the answer is.
    I’m really not able to be here again. Really. So bye bye.

  • Catherine says:

    Haven’t even heard of this show over here in Italy. Berlusconi TV is still giving us reruns of the A-Team.

  • Chris says:

    Well, sorry to have to say this but life rarely imitates art. That’s why on TV guys like Max Branning is a babe magnet, but in real life…..I think not ! Just TV producers living out their own little fantasies.

  • Lindy says:

    Miranda is HEAVEN! Discovered her before she became ‘big’, forced my daughter to watch an episode with me and saw her just not getting it and shooting me ‘you are weird’ glances. Now, of course, she’s everywhere and was brilliant in The Midwife series too. I agree, a lot of it is really her, but – and how to put this delicately? – her complete name is Hart-Dyke which is…..quite appropriate, as it happens?!! Oh dear. Not quite a true Plankton in the pure sense then! Who cares, she’s fab!

    Quite get it about Paris – I love occasional travelling alone, but Paris is for lovers, let’s face it. Do go, though, and hook up with your friends; it will be looking stunning in this weather and there’s no place like it, is there? Take books! Sitting at home navel-gazing and yearning will not suit and you will be very proud of yourself if you get Out There!

  • nutkin says:

    There was a good interview with Miranda on Radio 4, I think it was on Woman’s Hour possibly with Jenni Murray.

  • Is this a British show? Probably. Which means if we do get it, it will be an American version, stripped of its essential core, eviscerated to play down to the American audience. Yes, I just googled it; it confirmed my worst fears. It will never play here in a recognizable form.

  • Lydia says:

    It’s a pretty awful light thing, but people can watch what they like. I don’t hold it against men if they watch rugby or football even , even though I have never voluntarily watched a sporting event ever of any kind.

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