Another Date…

April 2, 2012 § 24 Comments

I’ll post today’s column from the Times tomorrow, but just wanted to say I promise I’ll be writing an original post again in a few days!  I have to admit, I am rather enjoying the rest, and even more so, the prospect of another date with Surprise Twinkle…!

Say no more… Don’t want to be doing any of that tempting Fate malarky…


§ 24 Responses to Another Date…

  • june says:

    Do you know P have really missed your blogs as have been feeling very down re no twinkles at all on my horizion and the fact that someone i considered a very good friend seems to be cooling towards me, one of reasons being i think i dont have any twinkles, and with a rocky relationship herself shes terrified of turning into a plankton and seeing me reminds her of that as we are both childless and older, me more than her.

    I have totally run out of ideas as to what to do next in my situation, last night i looked at a site, mature dating uk, i was shocked at some of the men, some seemed basically perverts, one even stated he liked “playing with children”, dear god, are these sites not monitored for that sort of thing. I asked for my details to be deleted imediately. There must be ways of meeting normal pleasant men somewhere but it seems when you hit 60, there isnt.

    Good luck with the twinkle P. nice to know one of our number may be getting somewhere.

    • The Plankton says:

      June, I am glad and not glad that you have been missing my daily posts. Glad because I am pleased you enjoy them so much, not glad because I am sorry I haven’t been able to keep up the pace and give you a little bit of comfort each day. I promise I will be back, but am just taking it slowly for a little bit. Keep the pecker up, as they (so annoyingly) say! pxx

    • EmGee says:

      Knowing that the break from daily posting has given you relief, and knowing that you are committed to at least one a week for your column (plus, we get the juicy extra bits here), it’s all good.

    • RS says:

      June that’s shocking about what that one man had to say and I’m almost tempted to go on the site to say something nasty to him and find out how to report him to authorities. The sites aren’t monitored much at all, only if things are reported to them.

      But yes, unfortunately the internet is full of perverts and silly men who don’t understand that that sort of approach isn’t appealing at all. You have to pity them, really.

      Are there any churches in your area worth looking into? I’m not at all religious but I can appreciate some of the good work they do and that getting involved in some activities through one might open up some new social contacts. I remember when I was a teenager (I was in a church club way back, before I became pretty much an atheist) a single man joined our church… he wasn’t single for long! But also there would, I think, be couples who might know some single or widowed men…. Just a thought.

      • Adamman says:

        June and RS – why is liking “playing with children” wrong? I don’t do dating sites but there is little I enjoy more in life than playing with kids. I would have thought that as second relationships can falter over the needs of children from previous relationships, liking playing with children would be a positive attribute in a prospective partner?

      • MissM says:

        I don’t know Adamman, could be a language thing, maybe ‘playing with children’ is the same as ‘fiddling with children’ instead of just innocently spending time with children. Same as ‘keep your pecker up’, while not commonly used in Australia, would mean the American version, and get you some funny looks and a good laugh if you said it to a woman.

        RS, you got the wrong angle for the church story, no man joining any group is ever single long. What you needed was a tale of a single woman joining a church group who wasn’t single long.

      • RS says:

        Yes MissM point taken 😉 However, someone from the church snagged the man, and it wasn’t the youngest, prettiest woman either. It was a perfectly nice woman his own age who attended church with her elderly mother. And there weren’t a lot of single women in the church as I recall. My point is someone snagged him, why not a Plankton? Why not someone like June?

      • MissM says:

        Point taken from you too RS, it is down to how one looks at it. Each man that ends up taken has possibly removed a lucky plankton from the pool.

    • MissM says:

      Here is an idea that I didn’t have, the credit goes to a friend of mine who mentioned only yesterday, Lapidary Clubs. Now we all know the usual clubs that we are inclined to go to are only full of other women who are also hoping to run into men. Not even realising we had one here I did some googling of Lapidary Clubs, and as far as I can tell from the pictures posted by the clubs online, they have a lot more men in them than women, and in an appropriate age range. It may not be quite as brutish and nauseatingly testosterone filled as a 99 percent male club that is based on contact sports or motor vehicles, especially given that a lot of the rocks that people collect are gems for making into jewellery. That would exclude the sort of men who feel their manly image needs to be reinforced on a daily basis by drinking beer and acting as though they never had an education.

      • EmGee says:

        Re: Joining a church or lapidary club – personally I would find it ill advised to join a group that is of no interest to you short of meeting men. Even if you met someone, would you really want to be with someone whose Faith you didn’t share in, or someone with enough passion to belong to a club specific to that interest that you could care less about?

        I am surprised no one has suggested AA meetings – they be a bunch of drunks, but they are sober drunks. (as horrific as this sounds, people have been known to prowl around recovery groups)

      • MissM says:

        You make a valid point also there EmGee, one I cannot find fault with. It was just a club I’d not even thought of before, and lord knows we are told to join clubs so very often. While I love the idea of fossicking for gemstones, doing the same for geological formations that are not shiny and valuable, might just be a cure for insomnia. Though I admit fossils are pretty cool too, but perhaps they fall into the valuable category as well.

  • UPDATE!!!

    Okay, I’ve opened up a youtube account with google, and I’ve reserved one hour in a studio with a professional cameraman….

    Six weeks remaining until p’tonhood officially begins for me…. : (

    • Oh I see… This guy is nearly forty, so yuck, nobody wants to be anywhere near him….

      So that’s how the next few decades of my life are going to be now, huh?

      • EmGee says:

        No, you are a guy, you will only be a Plankton in the eyes of women in their 20s, unless you are prepared to pay for everything they desire, then you still have a good 20-25 years left in you.

        There will be plenty of women 40 and up who would love your company, and even women in their 30s, but they will, by and large, have small children in tow.

        I am looking forward to your video with much anticipation, btw.

      • MissM says:

        You are funny Scott. Just remember women love a man who is around their own age. Since there is one hell of a lot of single women who are around forty in the world, you should be in clover, as they say.

        I am looking forward to your video.

      • EmGee says:

        Oh duh, I just realized you may have misread ❤ as some sort of mathematical equation, actually it is an emoticon that means 'heart' as in love or affection.

      • Twinkletoes says:

        And I am eagerly awaiting your video too, Scott 🙂

  • Erin says:

    Dear P, am so glad you are feeling revived : ) I’m sure not having the pressure to come up with a daily post has been a tremendous relief. The whole point of the blog was a therapeutic venting and when your “therapy” becomes a dreaded chore, it’s time to re-evaluate, which you did. Am also glad you didn’t feel guilted into continuing the daily thing. No one can be expected to go on ad infinitum. Am looking forward to hearing about ST and hope that things are chugging merrily along in that department : )

  • RS says:

    Happy to read that you are enjoying your break P. And nice to hear about ST making another appearance!

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